Thursday , September 29 2022

Index – Domestic – They won the National Crown with a doped horse


Due to doping attack, the title Ors-Istvan Kolumban in the colors of Sepsiszentgiorgi organizers of the National Hunt for Budapest, writes It can not compete for two years, and awaits the horse, the team leader and the owner.

Thirteen-year-old Columbia Ors-Istvan Fatima competed at Sepsiszentgiorgi in September, and according to his newspaper, "he won" Kishuszar Vagta ", organized by Heroes of Budapest in a vast journey. The results of doping were announced on Tuesday by organizers.

"The organizing committee has banned the driver, the team leader, the owner and the horse to compete in the national Vaganti in 2019 and 2020 and his qualification series and any contribution," National Communications said. They add: Sepsiszentgiorgi is banned from violating anti-doping rules in the Kishuszar Vagta 2018 race and his qualifying series. Since the title has been withdrawn from the Sepsiszentgiorgi driver, the result is the result of this year's National Hunt Kishuszar Waggae Final, according to which the driver competed in the colors of the Zirc village, which won Loretta Rigo, his horse named Virag. "

(Cover: Sepsisentgiorgii Kolumban Istvan Ors is the winner of the National Event of the Vagta on the Heroes Skara board on September 16, 2018. Photo: Tamas Kovacs / MTI)

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