Thursday , September 29 2022

Katalin Szili: The left is not at the party of society


Former ruling Socialist politicians criticized left-wing parties. Katalin Szili said at the conference in Budapest that he believes that the left is unchanged. According to the prime minister, the crisis on the left is also due to the lack of uniform and contradictory principles.

By setting a common list for left-wing parties in the 2014 elections, it won more than 26 percent of the vote. However, four years later, they lost their popularity again. The support of the MSZP and the Democratic Coalition, together with 17 per cent, was barely exceeded.

The fall left began a long time ago – said Katalin Szili, former deputy president of the MSZP at a conference on the situation of leftist parties. According to the current prime minister's term, socialists on the slope began to reject a referendum on dual citizenship in 2004, which was ultimately unsuccessful. The former speaker said that the left-wing crisis is also the reason why it does not represent uniform and contradictory principles.

According to the head of the Inspection Institute, MSZP and DK gave a bad response to migrations, so new masses turned from them. According to Samuel Agoston, the Leftist Leftist Party in Hungary can not participate in a political competition against the ruling parties.

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