Saturday , April 1 2023

MK: Start of time for the matches of the 8th round


Round matches will be held on December 4 (Tuesday) and 5 (Wednesday), and the fate of the teams will end the game. If after 90 minutes there is a tie, the double is an extension of fifteen minutes and, if necessary, a penalty kick. Real career favors lower clubs, while first-class teams can not meet.

Since October 16, NB I bands can be combined, and then matches continue in the backend system.

Full program of the 8th round

Tuesday, December 4th
11.00: Monei Guardian SE (NB III) -Puskas Akademia FC
12.00: Szentlorinc SE (NB III) -Scientist Master Good
12.00: III. district TVE (NB III) -Mezokovesd Zsori FC
12.00: Sajobaboni VSE (NB III) – Taxi SE (NB III)
20.00: Vasas FC (NB II) -DVSC (M4 Sport)

December 5, Wednesday
12.00: Budaors (NB II) -DVTK
12.00: cake (NB III) -Ferencvarosi TC (M4 Sport)
12.00: Thermal Bath Tiszaujvaros (NB III) -Budapest Honved
12.00: Ivancza KSE (NB III) -Sombathely Movement
12.00: Erdi VSE (NB III) -Tarr Andrashida SC (NB III)
12.00: Fuzesgiarmati SK (NB III) -Duna Asphalt ALL (NB II)
15.00: FC Ajka (NB III) -MTK Budapest
15.00: Budafoki MTE (NB II) -MOL See FC
15.00: BFC Siofok (NB II) – Paksi
18.00: Rakoczi Kaposvar (NB II) – Jaipest

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