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Nepsvava We do not sell cafeteria


Trade union workers, who were tearing tears, opposed the withdrawal of cafes and taxation of wages. They were scandalized by MPs.

We have to protect ourselves today and we have to defend two million people – says Tamas Szekeli, head of the Syndicate of the Trade Union of Trade Unions, at protest demonstrations of trade unions on Tuesday demonstrations organized by the trade unions for the taxation of additional benefits.

Thousands of people came to the demonstration, a host of hostile hostilities in Constitutional Street – "We will not let this go!" They said, speaking about the taxation of the cafeteria.

The reason for the protest is that the government has decided to withdraw tax incentives from the cafeteria without compromising on it. It takes an average of 90,000 forints every year from a pocket of two million workers.

"For those who need to work today, they have to produce cars and drugs, protect us, and if we do not come to power, they will even carry garbage. We stand for workers today for the city," Szekeli said.

"Today are less good gasifiers than successful oligarchs"

According to the speech the state has decided that even fewer people are considered to be close to the country and doing homework. Robotization does not mean, we do not want to make machines from people. We must be able to work, and catering meals are not luxury, which should be taxed, "warned Tamas Szekely, who also sent a government workers do not approve regulations over their heads.

Jacint Hatvani, who represents Pax workers, warned that the government would destroy the cafeteria system by squeezing those who provide the economic strength of the country – chemical and industrial workers. Since the 1990s, the circumstances of Pax employees have deteriorated continuously, but it is unacceptable that when we finally manage to establish normal payment conditions, the government, which calls for tax cuts itself, begins to tax the cafeteria itself, "said Havasi.

Demonstrations were completed after five years, and the organizers – Tamas Szekeli and Jozsef Szilagii, co-chairmen of the League – wanted to submit their representatives to the government. However, it was not easy: they first went to the prime minister's office, from where they were sent by sending police officers, saying that they would transfer the document to the back door of the government's bloc in the Ministry of Justice. However, they were not allowed by the press staff here. After a few minutes of waiting, the head of the Cabinet of the Prime Minister's Cabinet came out and took the petition, saying that he would pass it on to his superiors.

This happened earlier

Thousands of people demonstrated on Tuesday afternoon at three o'clock in front of the National Bank of the Hungarian National Bank building in Szabadsag Skuare for taxing advantages.

The government's decision essentially eliminates the additional benefit because without tax relief the employer has no interest in providing such things: only Szechenii Piheno Kartia (SZEP card) will be taxed at a rate of privileged tax rate of 34.5%, in addition to kindergartens, kindergartens and family daily cafeteria it remains without tax, all other items are subject to a standard tax of 15% on earnings.

This total represents an increase in taxes of almost 10% in relation to the costs of additional benefits. Although interest groups of workers and employers protested against the decision, most governments voted to amend the law.

Organizers of demonstrations then at the end of the speech was held before the central bank building The president of the union of the Hungarian trade union of chemicals, energy and workers Tamas Szekeli and co-chair of the league Jozsef Szilagii joined the MNB's gate.

Demonstrators then proceeded to Parliament with a drum and a whistle, half occupied by the Bajcsi-Zsilinszki route – four blacksmiths are currently going to Kossuth Squares, up to 4-5 thousand people have reached Alkotmani Street. Though in the crowd of people who are carrying weapons, they also participate in demonstrations – for example, in a live video of we saw Agnes Kunhalmi, a representative of the MSEP, who knocked on the demonstrators.

The demonstration was initiated by the Workers' Protection Organization (MESZ), which includes workers with the shifts of Paksi Atomerom Zrt., But the League has joined the League League and the Hungarian Confederation of Trade Unions and several smaller interest groups.

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