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Prince Harry was very blinded by Princess Megan: she too could make sure they had to retire – World Star

When Harry the Duke i Princess Megan In January 2020, they announced that they were stepping down from high roles in the royal family or becoming financially independent, with the British press immediately calling their retirement Megkit, made up of the word Meghan and the way out. His last official duties ended in March 2020, and they have not represented the crown since. They live in Montecito, California with their little son Archie, and their family will soon expand, expecting their little girl for early summer.

Their withdrawal was not scandalous, in fact family members were very angry with Harry, Prince Charles did not even pick up the phone for his son for a long time, Prince William felt that his brother and the queen had betrayed him. Elizabeth, on the other hand, respected and accepted the decision of one of her favorite grandchildren and wife. The lives of Harry and Meghan have fascinated fans to this day, no wonder Oprah Winfrey invited them for an interview, well, their conversation also culminated in a huge scandal as the princely couple accused a family member of racism. Robert Sixon, one of the family’s official biographers, told Page Sick that it was a big mistake that had led him so far.

The Magkit disaster is mostly the fault of Prince Harry, according to an expert on the royal family

Fans are divided over the Prince and Princess of Sussex, many consider them brave and believe that they did well to leave the monarchy, plus they became freer and happier, and that is the main point. Others, on the other hand, saw their decision as a catastrophe, because Markle had to be aware of what he was committing to at the time of the engagement, not accidentally, when he said in May 2018 that he married not only Harry but the Royal Family.


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When they were just engaged, relatively positive news about the prince’s choice appeared in the press, and only his half-brothers Samantha Grant and Thomas Markle Jr. portrayed in a negative light, claiming that he has since excluded everything from his life. he met Harry and their father as well. In addition, the scandalous behavior of his father, Thomas Markle, was loud for journalists. After their wedding, palace insiders unloaded laundry from him, allegedly bombarding his subordinates with emails until four in the morning, and several people resigned around him.

There were also writings about Princess Catherine’s insults, Meghan denied this in her interview for Oprah, saying it was the other way around. Moreover, this was the first moment when the workers of the palace disappointed him a lot, because after the publication of the article, no announcement was published to clarify his name. The princely party was also applauded as Harry’s relationship with William deteriorated, and they even moved from Kensington Palace to Frogmore Cottage. Since the relationship between the two brothers was always idyllic and very close, they called Meghan a scapegoat who could turn her husband against his family.

Many negative writings also negatively affected the princess’s state of mind, several British newspapers sued Harry in the fall of 2019, and Meghan admitted with tears during her trip to Africa that she was not feeling well. According to others, these two moments were the breeze of Megkita. In the opinion of Robert Jobson, however, not everything should be anointed with a former actress. Prince Harry also has a role in the realization of Magkit.

The article continues after the recommender

“They are both guilty of what happened, but mostly Harry made a diva because he didn’t explain it to Megan properly, because he goes if someone marries the royal family. Although he wasn’t the sharpest, he might not even want to explain things. It is difficult to be a worker in the royal family, of course people think the exact opposite, but they are wrong. Not as charming as he may seem like an outsider, maybe that’s exactly what Meghan didn’t like about this lifestyle, said the expert, who has written books about several family members such as William and Catherine, Diana, Charles, Harry, and the Philippines. will be on store shelves in England in May.

It is interesting that Prince William just warned his brother not to hurry with the wedding with Megan, but to wait a little longer and let the girl get used to the royal family for a longer time. By the way, in their case, there is even a great interest of the press here, a handshake that is not learned from one minute to the next.

The Duke of Cambridge also essentially tested Princess Katherine for years, and after eight years of walking, he only asked for his hand. Through the fault of his father and mother, Prince Charles and Princess Diana, he learned that it is better to be with his love for a few years and experience whether they are a really good couple or a strong enough character to bear the burden well after a short walk.

A scandalous interview with Harry and Meghan Oprah was presented in March this year.

A scandalous interview with Harry and Meghan Oprah was presented in March this year.

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Of course, Jobson doesn’t give Meghan a full pardon. In her opinion, the princess did not invest enough energy in her to integrate into the family, they could have interested them much more.

It is always up to the person to do their homework properly before marrying a respectable family.

Jobson also noted that Markle had taught Samantha Cohen, a member of the Queen’s personal team, what she could and should not do as a princess, taking over all existing protocol rules relating to the British royal family. She believes that Meghan did not understand that the order of succession to the throne is of great importance in the royal family.

“When he saw that William and Catherine were the number one couple, he probably didn’t understand why. He thought I could do it better, so he started advertising for the royal family, well, that’s not acceptable, the expert said, referring to his deep condemnation of Harry and Megan’s $ 25 million contract with Spotify and agreed with Netflix. -om.

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