Friday , September 17 2021

Sandor Oszter said it all, that is now the case with Lake Budajeno

Sandor Oszter In 2017, overnight, he took the earth out of Borzsoni’s stomach to form a private lake of a thousand cubic meters in the immediate vicinity of his villa. Residents of that area have already started a fierce protest at the beginning of the works, because in their opinion, the actor has seriously endangered his project and is still endangering Lake Jenoi from 27 hectares below. Oysters diverted the creek bed to feed the lake, but the same creek also needed a large lake to get fresh water.

Bors visited Sandor Ozter to find out what is currently happening around the lake.

“Although in 2018 a court decision was really made that everything in the area should have been returned to its original state, it was a misrepresentation,” said Sandor Oszter at Borz’s request, adding:

“The second instance revealed the truth and left the original plans in place, which means that today no one can deny that everything is legally in order around the lake.”

But what do the locals now, years after the first debates, say about the actor’s lake? Are they accepted, loved, or maybe they still can’t stand it? And what does private look like now? All this is clear from the issue of Borsa from Friday!

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