Tuesday , May 30 2023

Shakira takes Mexican from the NFL jackpot


In Mgsema, Mexico, NFL 11 (and so in the regular season) they started in Los Angeles Rams-Kansas Citi Chiefs due to the inadequacy of the carpet of Estadio Aztec.

At the stadium, he had a concert on October 11, Shakira, while on the show appeared on a show that could not be repaired during the week. According to the Hungarian weather, on November 20, on Tuesday, at the dawn of the best NFL games (one in nine, 1 veresg), the situation is now happening in Los Angeles, where every millennium is always a terrible pit.

concert Shakira on the lawn of Estadio AztecaForrs: SB Nation

NFL has done everything that is able to escape to Mexico, the lignin is an important market, where they played 1 regular event of the season. However, he has now expressed concern over the crimes that many have threatened They will not put grass in a unique way.

The league gave up the press, because it is not possible for such a prize that the best players will not. The fact is that everyone is playing a great match against Super Bowl.

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