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Stars who kept their virginity until the wedding

Not all celebrities live such a hectic sex life as, say, Mick Jagger or Charlie Sheen, there are a few in the starry world who kept themselves real, they remained virgins until their wedding – at least that’s what they say about themselves. Some also wore a vow ring, posing in another bikini in a magazine, but next to her she advertised in capital letters that she was still innocent, and the world-famous actress lost her virginity only at the age of thirty-two.

Jessica Simpson

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The singer and actress received a ring from her father at the age of twelve, which she then wore as a symbol of her purity, and finally at the age of twenty-two she actually married Nick Lachei – with whom, however, she divorced four years later. Simpson also sent a message to young people at the time to have their bodies, because in the magazine he was an example of her posing in a defiant bikini, but next to him, the text “I am a virgin” was blooming in capital letters.

Kevin Jonas

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The once fashionable votive ring was also worn by members of the Jonas brothers, but in the end Joe and Nick got rid of it – along with their innocence – while only Kevin waited until the wedding. In the end, she took her hairdresser, Daniel Deleas, at the age of twenty-two, but then she stated that sex is not worth the wait, which means that it is unnecessary to wait so long with her. “After it happened, all I asked was that?” He told me.

Lisa Kudrov

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A. good friends Phoebe was innocent even at the beginning of the series, and the character had a lot of connections in vain. It was not until 1995, at the age of thirty-two, that the actress lost her virginity, and then married Michael Stern – with whom they are still today. He once stated that he understands when someone is afraid of sex, of his own sexuality, but for him it was more of a motive to remain valuable to a real man.

Adriana Lima

Source: Gettiimages

“Sex is for after the wedding. If someone doesn’t respect that, it means they don’t want me, “said the supermodel, who is currently followed by almost 13 million people on Instagram.” Well, he doesn’t know about it – because they divorced in 2016, otherwise they had two children.

Julianne Hough

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A. Dancing with the stars Her Emmy-winning dancer has already filed for divorce, but otherwise, she went to Brooks Laich in 2017, at the age of twenty-eight – and reportedly maintained her virginity until her wedding night. He said earlier that a man, if he is with the right partner, will only strengthen their relationship, but they say that this is either not true or Laich was not real to him.

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