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the goal is for the professional staff of the national team to stay together –

Katalin Palinger, vice-president of the Hungarian Handball Association, spoke on the show Sport TV about the current situation about the goal of holding the women’s national team at the Olympic Games, and negotiations are already underway with that goal.

Katalin Palinger also assessed the schedule of Olympic groups (Photo: Aniko Kovacs / ICTY)


As it is known, at the qualification tournament in Djer, he finished in second place behind Russia, but ahead of Serbia and Kazakhstan, so he regained the right to participate in the Olympics after 2008. Gabor Elek was the federal captain at the tournament, and Gabor Danii and Anita Gorbicz were present as assistants.

Katalin Palinger said that I would like to keep the professional staff at the gathering for the games in Tokyo, where the Hungarian national team was in an extremely difficult group: ours will be among the top six with defenders from Russia, France, Spain, Sweden and Brazil.

“We started, but I don’t want to say details until it’s over – said Katalin Palinger about the negotiations regarding the expert staff. – Both the federal captain and Gabor Daniij, who were presumed to be federal captains, their mandate lasted until the end of the Olympics, if they successfully qualified. I believe they are not questionable. Gabor Danii has already signed in Siofok, as far as I know, he had a valid contract with us, but of course, we have to sit down and talk about it, even with compromises. This will happen in the near future. The goal is absolute (to keep this framework together), and the role of Anita Gorbicz is unquestionable for me and everyone else. He added a lot to this success and I am sure that his presence would mean very, very much. “

The ICTY Vice President also assessed the group schedule prepared on Thursday.

“We have to stand there at every match in order to get the most out of ourselves. Obviously, we will not have a chance against the Russians and France, but against the Spanish, Brazilian, Swedish team, I think we have a serious chance to play. There really will be anyone who matches, until then there are a lot of questionnaires. For example, what framework teams can travel to and hopefully will not be decided in laboratories. Also, the schedule of time is important, who could better cope with the load, I would add, it is not uncommon for a world tournament to have a day off after every match. There will be time to prepare. “

TOKYO 2020
The Netherlands, Montenegro, Norway, Japan, South Korea, Angola
Spain, Russian team, HUNGARY, Sweden, France, Brazil
The four best finals in the groups advance to the quarterfinals.

Group matches of the Hungarian national team:
July 25: Hungary-France
July 27: Hungary-Brazil
July 29: Team of Hungary and Russia
July 31: Hungary-Spain
August 2: Hungary-Sweden

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