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The hottest Ford Fiesta ST-Line color combination


Monday, 05 November 2018, 20:32

With two new versions, Fiesta ST-Line Red Edition and Black Edition, Ford expands the new Fiesta range.

So far, the Fiesta ST-Line Red Edition and the Black Edition, the Fiesta Fiesta ST-Line Fiesta ST-Line version of the Fiesta, is presented with unique, striking outer and inner details to enhance the dynamic style of the car inspired by Ford Performance.

The Fiesta ST-Line Red Edition and Black Edition models, featuring three- and five-door bodies, are powered by Ford's 1.0-horsepower EcoBoost engine and sporty rear axle for agile and enjoyable performance.

Ford 2016 created the ST-Line family for customers attracted to the sporty mood of Ford Performance, but does not require extreme performance of Ford's special engines and chassis.

There are two exciting opportunities

The red exterior of the design of the new Fiesta ST-Line Red Edition is decorated with matte black (black lines on its edge) that move from roof to cover to front respiration. The Fiesta version of the ST-Line Black Edition is painted by Panther Black, and the contours of the black stripe are bright red.

Both versions feature a painted body paint spoiler and a red 17-inch red wheel and a black exterior mirror with a horizontal red cross.

Contrast color also appears in the passenger compartment. The partial leather upholstery sports seats, hoods, central ventilation hoods and decoration of passenger seats are decorated with red inserts. With red seams, angled bottom flange leather steering wheel, gearshift knob, handbrake handle, floor cover and interior doors.

The car can be ordered by connecting SINC 3 with Apple CarPlai and Android Auto ™, enabling Fiest ST-Line Red Edition and Black Edition models to control audio system, navigation and connected smartphones via voice control and an 8-inch touch screen .

SINC 3 also recognizes high definition audio formats, and music is transmitted to the passenger compartment with ten speakers of the B & O sound system of 675 V. Including a subwoofer in the trunk and a central midrange radiator at the top of the instrument panel provide a 360 degree high-quality concert experience.

The range of comfort and safety features included in optional features include halogen headlights, LED daytime running lights, LED backlights, static front fog lights, Landing Assistant, Speed ​​Limiter and Helical Start Assist.

The car has advanced driver assistance technologies, such as Walking Alert System, Traffic Detection, Adaptive Cruise Control, and Deer Tracking System.

Ford has an energy-efficient, 140-horsepower, 140-horsepower EcoBoost and a low internal friction six-speed manual transmission of 4.9 l / 100 km and a CO2 emissions of 112 g / km.

The new Ford Fiesta ST-Line Red Edition and Black Edition models can be ordered in some European markets.

Ford offers a range of customized options for cars (for example, a contrasting finish or an external mirror) for brand new Fiesta customers who can choose such designs as the stylish Fiesta Titanium, Fiesta Vignale, Fiesta inspired Fiesta SUV Active Crossover and Ford Performance, a brand new Fiesta ST .

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