Friday , June 2 2023

The leader of Volkswagen was at the top of the summit with incredible strength: he invited the great rival Tesla to think


The fact that Musk was a surprise guest at the Austrian meeting was first written by Handelsblatt and then confirmed on Saturday. In your Twitter message This is. With this withdrawal, the goal was to speed up VV’s processes and encourage the company’s managers to turn to electric cars faster.

At the event, Diess asked Musk what the secret of Tesla’s success was, and Elon Musk proudly told us that management style is important in this, on the one hand, and that as an engineer he keeps an eye on supply chains, logistics and production processes, Reuters concludes.

Diess on Linkedine further explained the background of his move and emphasized it wants to encourage faster decision-making and less bureaucracy for BB executives in the biggest transformation in the company’s history so far. As a positive example, he noted that when Tesla ran out of a particular chip, they managed to reprogram the software in 2-3 weeks to switch to another chip.

By the way, according to Handelsblatt, Musk did not spare a word of praise for VV, because he called the German company an icon and Tesla’s biggest competitor.

It seems that VV and Tesla will continue close talks with the top management while Diess concludes his message on Twitter with a short visit to Muscot in Grunheide, the name of Tesla’s new giga battery factory near Berlin.

Cover image source: Krisztian Bocsi / Bloomberg via Getty Images

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