Monday , April 12 2021

The Metropolitan General Court before the Constitutional Court seeks the annulment of the SZFE law

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The Metropolitan Court proposes to the Constitutional Court to annul the law which applies the change of the model of the University of Theater and Film Arts, it is stated in the statement of the SZFE student.

They write: In October 2020, more than 150 citizens of SZFE submitted a request to the Constitutional Court for the annulment of the Law on Model Changes. The SZFE student self-government was the first to attack the memorandum of association and the organizational and operational rules arbitrarily created by the illegitimate board of trustees, which deprived our senate of its basic powers. In our action, we asked the court to address the Constitutional Court for the annulment of the SZFE law passed in July and Article 94 (6) of the Law on Higher Education, on the basis of which the commission of commissioners was established.

Now the Metropolitan Court has also examined the lawsuits of the SZFE and they have also concluded that the law is unconstitutional, so they have filed a petition with the Constitutional Court.

If the Constitutional Court repealed the Law on SZFE, the change of the model would be annulled and no maintainer of any institution for changing the model would have the opportunity to limit the rights of the Senate.

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