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The raw seed was beaten by Soros University


Megerstette Hungarian Idk American CEU fictitiously replaces the Soros University. In Orig, sir Eniedi Zsolt states in her statement that they do not have a mother in the United States, and that is the only KPCE diploma from outside and do not graduate. Earlier it was based on the fact that he did not have a university degree at the American University University Soros. Soros University is no longer suitable for high school. The most interesting thing in this story is that Soros Girgi fleurs from Hungary came to the death of Eniedi because they did not notice hollow hostages.

Soros University has fallen. Budapest's business is not even the case for a high school, because they can all receive the only "degree" that the Soros University has awarded to the foreign market. This means that the Soros University in the United States did not hold postgraduate studies with Bard College (BC) – from the University of the former Master of Science from responsible education of telephone phones under the leadership of Osztli.

Hungarian idk took over possession Janet Stetson was arrested by an auditor who was currently working at the BC Soros University Campus, saying that Soros Girgi had no Bardon diploma and that America did not exist. According to him, they can all be meaningless, as well as the fact that people in a bard base can go to Europe for Soros University.

Soros Girgi's home-based mindset took the words of an employee at Soros UniversityForrs: –

Juices with false news started

Zsolt Eniedi, vice-rector of the Soros University, published an article on the length of the anarchist in which he smelled cheese. The most beautiful thing is that the sentences of an employee at Soros University by the Hungarian authorities in each criticism, and they gave the impression that the Hungarian Idk would leave the valley. Of course this is not a foreigner Soros-fle lhrgiraktl, mkdsket in this article.

Worker Soros was joking cheese

Eniedi claimed that Hungarian Idk instructed the Education Department at New York to formally declare that he was in New York with Bond College and an independent New York degree in New York. but at the level of the New York master class, he does not fully comply with critics of Hungarian higher education, since according to Zsolt Eniedi, he does not have the father-in-law of the Soros University in the same country, all of which are in the public domain in Budapest.

Prokomentar also said that unconscious Janet Stetson, who leads the Bold College Master of Osztli, does not care about the Seros University program. However, as the class leader, Stetson is familiar with college in America that runs their programs, and emphasized that the United States does not have a university degree at Soros University.


As Origo wrote, shit was discovered because Soros Girgi's people are beginning to prove that Soros is a US-American university that can graduate in Hungary. So far, the Hungarian government has been shocked by the fact that the Soros University maintains only one fictional campus in the United States, and ultimately it is worth a visit to Budapest.

I'm Soros University in AmericaForrs: Origo

However, in the second case, mkdse would be unusable, because only Hungarian universities can only offer a certificate accredited in Hungary and they could give a diploma. Zsolt Eniedi said in several e-mails that their program was not solved by Janet Stetson, but by Jonathan Becker, the fictional lieutenant. The Soros University Rector has expired: in September, the University started another program in New York.

Zoltan Kovcs: They do not explain

Soros University and the Bard College Expansion are not included in the criticisms that every master's degree mkd clinhe high school can do, the fact that the cheese is home to a cardiovascular flat, cordial.

The politician suggested that when the government is in the same way as it is Governors are all the same, but not Hungarian, not Hungarian llamas who have to do this to meet people.

Soros University as a diploma, the above mentioned subjects must be the cause of Soros University, "he said.

Zoltn Kovcs: People who are raised do not indulge in criticism that any MS, Magiarorszgon mkd klfldi senior secondary school could achieveForrs: MTI / Rosta Tibor

This is the trunk

Soros University, in September last year, had a joint venture with American Bard College, and therefore became a reliable Hungarian mkdsk. The success and fall of last year's mean is that In our country, mkd klfldi universities can only issue a degree from Klfldi if they have a mother-in-law in their country of origin. The ASoros University did not meet the above criteria, and Ms. Kovs Zoltn, Minister of State and Minister Gergely Gulis, also denied that the University of Kzp-eurpai had nothing to do with it, an integral part of Hungarian higher education.

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