Sunday , November 28 2021

With Fulham's team, the pizza can not help, Ranieri hires a hamburger


Italian Claudio Ranieri is appointed Fulama manager. The Premier League is the last time the team is the most important.

In Leicester Citi he managed to recognize the Italian effort, leading a practically complete team to the championship, with rumors of paying 5,000 times for the Rkk Championship.

In Leicester, the Italians were also very proud of gas, and then they took jokes after each point, but the recipe was in London.

Claudio Ranieri was a big spinForrs: AFP / Ben Stansall

Ranieri was shocked by the fact that after all the games he got, he took it to McDonald's.

At one point I did not know how to hurt the hamburger, he has so far fought to get the glamor of Fulham in this championship.

"So far, they have had a lot of concerts, so it's very important for us not to get a glamor." He has quality in the team, can stay in it, but he must be thrown out. this is my place, I blinked for the impeccable Mamburi hamburger, "he said.

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