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AIB's Tanmai Bhat apologized for the omission after he went to the post of general manager

AIB said that "the termination of the verdict on Utsav Chakraborti Tanmai Bhat was unheard of."

New Delhi:

In a long Instagram on Thursday, stand-up comedian Tanmai Bhat apologized to his former colleagues at AIB for failing to fulfill the "ideals" he himself tried to say and would try to make women feel "safe" in the case assumes "any leadership capacity in the future". Mr. Bhatt left the post of director of the comedy group yesterday.

He was subjected to serious criticism last year because he did not respond to complaints against writer-comedian Utsau Chakraborti, accused of sexual harassment. Another comic strip Gursimran Khamba, who was also a member of the AIB, was also charged with sexual abuse. Mr. Khhamba left the company to launch his venture.

In other news, AIB yesterday announced that its IouTube channel was "dead in the foreseeable future" and had to dismiss its employees.

The company announced that it will continue to be managed by the remaining two members Rohan Joshi and Ashish Shakia, who in the future will also follow solo interests.

In the case of Mr. Khambe, the company announced that they have appointed a two-year External Committee (EC) – which consists of a senior partner in a law firm and a diversity consultant – to investigate these allegations.

However, the strip withdrew from the investigation during its course, citing "procedural problems," AIB said in a statement.

Mr Khamba, in an independent statement, said on Wednesday that he had to withdraw from the investigation because he thought the "Internal Complaints Board" was not following the "prescribed process".

"I volunteered to participate and began expanding all possible cooperation with this board.

However, this process that lasted four months was full of procedural failures and did not follow the principles of natural justice. Despite my repeated requests to follow the prescribed process, these flaws continued, "he said, adding that his request for the constitution of the new board was rejected.

"I have no choice but to withdraw from the investigation. To date, I feel happy to cooperate with every committee that is justly constituted and adheres to the principles of natural justice.

"Silver lining, however, it's through all this. I got the opportunity to think and think about what I'm really passionate about, who I want to work with and what I want next chapter in my life." With that – I'm delighted to announce the launch of my new Light @ 27, "he said.

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