Wednesday , August 10 2022

AIIMS student body apologizes for Ramleel’s viral sketch that ‘mocked’ Ramaiana | Latest news India


The AIIMS Student Association sent an apology after the performance of the AIIMS students went viral on social media platforms for all the wrong reasons, which caused a major shortcoming. The students’ association announced that the performance of the sketches is not intended to hurt anyone’s feelings, and that the association will ensure that such activities will not take place in the future, the ANI news agency reported.

“A video of Ramleel’s sketch of some AIIMS students was circulating on social media. On behalf of the students, we apologize for conducting this sketch which was not intended to hurt anyone’s feelings. We will be convinced that such activities will not take place in the future, “the statement reads.

The scene gave a modern ending to the Ramaiana in which Shurpanakha is seen singing in a viral clip ‘tu cheez badi hai mast mast‘Lakshman. After Lakshmana cut the nose of modern ҆upanaka, she is heard saying:Tu janta nahi mera bhai kaun hai (Do you know who my brother is?) ‘. Speeches are accompanied by laughter, which is evident in the videos that are spread on social media. The modern approach of the Ramayana has been criticized by social media users, who have insulted the Hindu religion in an attempt to become witty students. Reports state that the show was hosted by MBBS first-year student Soieb Aftab and an educational application, previously criticized for many suspicious moves that sponsored the show.

Social media users marked many excerpts from the performance as problematic, while many highlighted the show’s religious identity. “Many actors who perform must be Hindus,” wrote one user of social networks, emphasizing that not only the creator, but also the actors of the play are equally responsible.

The video was published by the Education application in its role.

BJP spokesman Suresh Nakhua said this was not the first time Aftab Soieb had done so. “He is a repeat offender and mocked the Hindu gods in the past in an extremely disgusting way. It is good that Unacademi removed the video as soon as possible. Strong action against Aftab is needed,” he wrote on Twitter.

An unverified video of Nitin Singhal, who is said to be one of the actors in Ramleela, is also touring places where he is seen apologizing for the sketch. In the video, he said that he would not defend the action because everyone connected with the sketch is ashamed of their behavior. He said that they were raped by senior members of AIIMS on social media before the rage. “AIIMS is said to be anti-Hindu, but it is not. Some doctors have complained against us to the authorities. We are watching all Hindu festivals. We have celebrated Ganesh Chaturthi, Janmashtami. Most people here are Hindus. We are very ashamed of our behavior,” he said. he.

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