Monday , March 27 2023

Australian "different game with the ball," says Sharma


Batsman Rohit Sharma said India had full confidence after winning domestic teams in West Indies, but warned that winning the first Test series in Australia was a challenge to a different order.
India ended with a 3-0 Twenty20 series in West Indies on Sunday to add their 2-0 victory and a 3-1 victory in ODI, extending their dominant form of the home.
However, Sharma said that the visiting series against Australian rivals, even without their opponent, Steve Smith, David Varner and Cameron Bancroft, who were banned from eliminating the ball, were a very difficult test.
"Australia is always challenging when it comes to going out and performing. Every time you go there, you are tested as a player, as an individual and as a team," said veteran opening opener after Sunday's victory.
"I think we have to be at best when you win both the Vest Indies and when you play on the tournament, you are a high confidence. It's all taking that trust to Australia and doing what we did as a team."
India has barely time to catch breath before it leaves on Friday in Australia, where it is the first of three T20 matches in Brisbane on November 21. He will also play four tests and three ODIs.
World Test No. 1 is just too aware that they are far from home, their shape is brittle. They reduced 2-1 in South Africa and then 4-1 in England this year.
Sharma said India must "start fresh" and forget about its recent victories if they should take their consistency in Australia.
"Australia will be the second ball game I fully understand, but I think that things that we did as a team and as a player continue to repeat," he said.
"The best teams in the world are repeating these performances. It will be important for us to begin candlelight. Do not think about what we did in the past."
Sharma, the only batsman to hit the four-century T20, is part of the Indian test team that starts in Adelaide on December 6, after crossing five-day matches in England.
"I'm someone who does not think too far, so it focuses on the T20 series," said Sharma.
"Of course, the test match is something that I rejoice for a long time and it will be nice to go there and represent India in the tests, but we want to win the T20 first."
He added: "Last time (2015-16) we played the T20 format in Australia we won 3-0."

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