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Bigg Boss 12, Veekend Ka Vaar, day 63 LIVE updates: Sreesanth proclaimed the most stunning, Deepak's most popular competitor | TV


Before the fans could recover from Shivashis's shocking emigration, the story increased in the weekly episode of Bigg Boss 12, Veekend Ka Vaar. The episode was attended by a special guest Farah Khan – a former host to realize the shov that came with audio / visual treatment for Salman Khan and viewers.

Farahin's video shows how relationships in the house are changing and how certain competitors show repetitive features. For example, she told Salman that Sreesanth usually complains of not wanting to go to jail, but still ends after eating food.

Farah also visited the house, where she posed several challenges to the hosts. Sreesant stood standing before everyone, while his mouth was closed, while others told his face what they did not like. In the meantime, Jasleen was rated as the most jealous of the series, and Romile was told to throw water on the water, so she stopped burning with jealousy.

The Jasle relationship with Srishti was further promoted in the Sultana Akhada circuit with Salman, with two nosed sumo bones and ejection.

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9:50 pm IST

Salman talks to the Somi family

Somi's mother says she is very happy for Somya and she has a chance to talk to Salman. Salman asks Somya's mother to be associated with Deepak. Somy's mother says they are children and it's all part of the game. Salman welcomes Somi and Sabine's mother to raise two girls independently.

9:40 pm IST

Salman plays a game with competitors

Salman shows competitors a board with a sentence written on it – "itna hi ___ tha toh ___ ghar mein aaie kiun?" – but with some words it's missing. Salman asks the contestants to fill in the gaps. Romil, Srishti and Somi give the name Sreesant, Karanvir gives his name. Megha calls four people, but Salman stops. She chooses Romilla. Dipika also chooses Romila because she thinks she does not comply with the broadcast rules. Sreesanth calls Karanvir and Rohit called Megha.

9:30 pm IST

Farah sorts competitors based on their sin

Romil was declared the loudest contestant. Sreesanth is rated as the happiest, the weakest, the weakest and the most luxurious. In the meantime, Deepak is judged to be the loudest.

9:25 pm IST

Romil and Srishti spend an interview

In the second task, Romil has a task to hold a lecturer with guests Srishti, who pretends to be "bahu" – based on Dipiki. The scene includes Srishti who complain about the house, but only on domestic matters – such as missing food and missing husband.

The second character of Srishtija is based on Meghi, which he plays as a loud fighter.

Then, Srishti pretends to be Sreesant and threatened everyone that he would beat them up.

9:20 pm IST

Farah enters the house

Now that the parties and games are over, Farah enters the house with some challenges for competitors. They are looking for Deepak and Somyi to perform on the song Dilvale Geru. But Farah is not impressed, so she wants Deepak to perform with Rohit, who entertains all the houses.

9:15 pm IST

Farah calls his best three competitors

When Salman asks Farah to call his three best competitors, Sreesant puts it first, followed by Deepak and then Dipika.

9:10 pm IST

Farah shows the video of Sreesant

Then Sreesanth, who he says he likes to make a big display of things, before he adheres. She gives an example of how Sreesanth always regrets not wanting to go to jail, but nevertheless ends up following food.

9:00 pm IST

Farah Khan arrives on the show

Salman Khan welcomes the director / choreographer Fara Khan at the show. Farah had previously filled Salman as host in the previous season when Salman had to fulfill his film commitments.

Farah says Bigg Boss is her favorite show and continues to discuss competitors. She says Dipika acts like Meena Kumari in the house and is overworked. Farah thinks Dipika has true feelings for Sreesant.

Farah next shows Salman's Meghe video, which he feels like to be at the center of the action. After that, Farah shows the audience and Salman the video of Deepak and how it flames.

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