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Cristiano Ronaldo's picture reveals stink Giorgio Chiellini


Cristiano Ronaldo is a great dog in Juventus, but he was a young guy Giorgio Chiellini who stole a reflector from the Portuguese superstar.

The 33-year-old celebrated points in a 2-0 win in Milan in San Siro when he posted a photo next to Milan Raul Bellanova, who wanted to remember his meeting with his idol.

Ronaldo – who showed he was better with the ball in his legs than in his hands when he dropped the catch while watching tennis at the ATP finals in London this week – wore a smiling smile alongside Bellanovo, who was on the bench for the whole match.

It's not a surprise that smile is the only thing Ronaldo wore above his waist, while the golfer's wizard showed on his equipment and gave great thumbs.

However, even his bicycles with six pieces or pimples would not be at the center of attention in this image, while client Chielini unconsciously pulled out a photographic R-rated bomb.

After Ronald, the captain of Italy and Juve, 34, he was completely finished, he did not know a photo that was only a few meters away from him.

Not even less than Ronald, the Killinein junk was caught on the film, and then he was downgraded over the Internet, as Bellanova showed it to his friends, who then shared him on the Internet. Obviously in fear of approaching and resembling Ronald, the 18-year-old did not notice what was happening behind him.

When it was emphasized that his photo was gaining more weight, not because of the man next to him, but because Chiellini was on the run, Bellanova quickly apologized to Instagram.

"I'm deeply saddened to have appeared on social media at this time." "I apologize, first of all, Giorgio Chiellini, it was not my intention," Bellanova wrote.

"I made the only mistake I regret, that I shared a photo with some friends who shared it, without checking (with me) first."

Ronaldo, who has more instagram followers than anyone else in the world, quickly took off his mistake and flew to London after Juventus won to spend the night with his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez at a hotel at $ 16,000 a night.

And while in the English capital, they went to a meal at Scott's restaurant in Maifaire, where the megastar allegedly spent $ 48,000 on two bottles of wine in only 15 minutes, according to The Sun.

Ronaldo started with a $ 32,000 bottle of Richebourg Grand Cru. Berba, from the Burgundy region of France, is so rare that it is allegedly not on the menu or offered to regular guests.

The next time was Pomerol Petrus in 1982, who set up a Juventus assistant with a cool $ 16,000. Ronaldo was so unrealized about throwing out such enormous suspicions that he had not finished another bottle.

The source told the Sun: "Ronaldo was in a good mood and wanted to celebrate.

"It was the first birthday of his daughter, Alan Martine. Ronaldo and Georgina celebrated the opportunity in style.

"His group went in and out of Scotland in less than 15 minutes. They did not reserve and just shook and sat in the bar.

"They had about a glass and a half of wine, each before they went to watch some tennis. They did not even finish the second bottle.

"But the law was $ 48,500. That was just a small change in the Ronaldo – he did not blink." During the night, there was a talk about a restaurant. "

With Stephen Moes and Sam Morgan, the Sun.

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