Saturday , April 1 2023

Google Contacts 3.2 adds a dark theme [Gallery]


After last year's encouragement that applications adopt dark topics to preserve battery life, Google Contacts is the latest Android client to get it. In the past few weeks, the company has updated its communication applications, and Google's dark look and development has already been announced.

Google Contacts 3.2 are back tonight with the switch available in the navigation tray. A power that closes after updating may be required before "Turn dark theme on" appears above the setting.

For example, on the Android 9 Pie device, the application is aware if the "Dark theme in device settings" is on. This does not apply to the topic "Device theme" in the Displai settings for the Picell Launcher, but on the Developer option to "Night Mode Setting" to Automatic, Always Off or Always On. If this is enabled, users can not exclude a topic in Google Contacts because it is automatically applied to the launch.

In messages, Google refers to the appearance as a "dark mode", with notes on the release of Google phones that are also related in a similar way. Despite the inconsistency, it is the same dark gray for the background, instead of the AMOLED black.

Messages and Google Contacts are thematically and functionally similar, with the same blue color shade adopted for UI elements such as FAB and as a color accent. This topic applies everywhere from the main contact list, Create contact screen, Settings and Search.

The dark Google Phone mode comes with our APK Insight, saying that the darker look can be synchronized between Dialer and the Contacts application.

Google Contacts 3.2 are now running through the Play Store. Be sure to check our complete processing of all dark regimes in Google apps on Android and the web.

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