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Hundreds joined Mamatin's 8.5 kilometers long Kolkata watch before the campaign in Bengal

Lok Sabha Election 2019 LATEST Updates: While Mamat Banerjee holds his 8.5km long parachute in Calcutta, hundreds joined the streets to see the Chief Minister of West Bengal just hours before the end of the country's campaign.

Opposition parties met with the EC for its move to end the election campaign in West Bengal 24 hours before the deadline. After the meeting, the leader of the Congress Abhishek Manu Singhvi told reporters: "We did not get a satisfactory answer from the Election Commission."

In Mathurapur, West Bengal, Narendra Modi has accused TMC goons of spreading violence during the Amit Shah Kolkata Kolkata and demanded strict action against them. In the meantime, Mamat Banerjee started her patchwork from the Joka bus stand and will now go through Thakurpur and Behala to Taratala. Her set is 8.5 kilometers long. The traffic in Behala has now stopped.

Bhopal Democratic Congressman Digvijaya Singh attacked BJP's Thakur Thrace over her "deshbhakt" a comment on Godse. "Modi ji, Amit Shah and state BJP should make statements and apologize to the nation (for Prague's remark). I condemn this statement." Nathuram Godse was a killer, glorifying him not patriotism, it is a rebellion, "he said. .

BJP GVL spokesman Narasimha Rao told a news conference that the BJP disagrees with the statement by Pragi Thakura. "We condemn it, the party will ask for clarification. She should publicly apologize for this statement," he said. In the meantime, the Congress called its remark a "unforgivable sin".

Speaking to Ballia in Uttar Pradesh, BJP chief Amit Shah said the Modiai government has made India insecure for terrorists, and such ones as Zakir Naik now no longer regard it as a safe haven. "Zakir Naik said he was afraid to return to India because of Narendra Modi. When asked if he wants to return to India, he said, when the congressional government comes to power on May 23," Shah said.

Asked to respond to Kamal Haasan's remark on Nathuram Godse, BJP's Bhopal candidate Pragya Singh Thakur said on Thursday that Godse, who killed Mahatma Gandhi, a patriot, a patriot and will remain a patriot. "People who call him terrorists should look inside and get the right answer in these elections," she said. Pragja Sing was indicted in the Malegaon case in 2008 and previously stated that the late chief of ATS Maharashtra Hemant Karkare was cursed to death in a terrorist attack on 26/11.

At his final meeting in Lok Sabhi in Mirzapur in Uttar Pradesh, Narendra Modi predicted a victory of 300 seats for the BJP in these elections, "because Bengal will be added to our headquarters." Repeating his old anegdote about washing dishes and pans as chaivals, he asked for votes for the BJP's ally in the country, Apne Dal (Sonelal), whose election symbol was a glass and plate. Modi also promised that the vision of Dr. Sonuel Patel would turn into reality in Uttar Pradesh. Patel's daughter Anupria is the head and founder of AD (S).

Without making any conclusions about the effect of implementing an election commission regarding the restriction of the campaign in Article 324 in Bengal, Mamat Banerjee said at her Mathurapur rally on Thursday that she was sorry to drag people to a gathering place in the afternoon, but had no choice due to "Which was the most affected by her campaigns." The gloves were good and really excluded while Mamata hit Modi's promise that Vidiasagar would retaliate with the statue that Bengal does not need his statue of Vidiasagar. "Bengal will not take your mercy, return 200 years of our heritage," she said.

In what is certainly a rare phenomenon of unity in the pre-election season that led to the efforts on the united front, Congress (at a press conference held by Randeep Survale), SP Chief Akhilesh Iadav, BSP head Maiavati, a member of the CPM political party Sitaram Jechuri and TDP chief N Chandrabab Naidu questioned the Election Commission's decision to limit election campaigns in West Bengal and, more importantly, whether Article 324 would apply after a 24-hour delay to accommodate two sets of Prime Minister Narendra Mods that are already buzzing for the state.

At her second rally in Chandaul, Narendra Modi intensified her accusation against the opposition alliance, often referred to as "Mahamilavati". He said that while they were initially hellish, they destroyed Modia and that they "posit the camera by holding hands", now they only spread the words of fear and hatred. Modi also returned to one of his famous refren in this election season, and asked Congress and other opposition parties to question the surgical attacks.

In outlining a clear gathering of the opposition for the first time in these elections, Mamat Banerjee thanked BSP chief Maiavatti, SP leader Akhileshu Yadavu, TDP chief N Chandrabab Naidu and congressional support to criticize the election commission for calling her a member 324 in West Bengal, limiting campaigns. A BJP delegation consisting of senior leaders such as Mukhtar Abbas Nakva and Prakash Javadekara knocked at the door of the Election Commission on Thursday, demanding that "TMC goons and histori-listsers" be placed in pre-trial custody for the May 19 poll on Sunday.

Speaking at her first rally in Uttar Pradesh Mau, Narendra Modi promised the "great statue" of Ishvarchandra Vidiasagara in the same place where she was knocked down on Tuesday, while at the same time blamed TMC for violence in Amit Shah's Roads in Calcutta a day. "We saw the hooliganism of TMC workers again during Bhai Amit Shah's guideline in Calcutta, vandalized the statue of Ishvar Chandra Vidiasagara. We are dedicated to Vidiasagar's vision and will place his great statue in the same place," Modi said.

After meeting with survivor Alvar Gangrape with Chief Minister Rajasthan Ashok Gehl and Deputy Chief of Staff Sachin Pilot, Rahul Gandhi refused to politicize the issues and said he would not comment on the Narendra Modi accusation that the government of the Congress was trying to tackle the issue. Polls were on. "Shortly after I heard about the incident, I talked to Ashok Gehlott Ji, which is not a political issue for me." I met the victim's family and they asked for justice to be done, and the action will be taken against the culprits, "Rahul said.

The Congress largely referred to the Election Commission at a press conference addressed by Randeep Singh Survale's communications parties on Thursday. "Has the Code of Conduct Model become a Modus Code of Misconduct?" Query Survey. He also raised questions about the neutrality of the survey commission, questioning the elimination of an election commission against the campaign in Bengal and asking that two Narendra Modi rallies could be allowed on Thursday in the country. Surveys called the execution of Article 324 as "a forgiveness gift" by the Electoral Commission to Narendra Modi.

Stressing that the Election Commission rejected Article 324 "created a psychosis of fear acknowledging that the survey panel did not have the opportunity to hold a free and fair poll," Congress told a news conference Thursday that the panel postponed the 24-hour campaign restriction in Bengal. "Has this been done so that Narendra Modi can hold her meetings in Bengal on Thursday?" asked Randeep Survale, stating that the panel was reduced to a "pitiful tiger" even when stopping the streaming of NaMo TV.

Veteran Congressman Ghulam Nabi Azad said the goal of the party was to win the NDA conglomerate, not to fight for the post of prime minister. "We have already made our position clear. If a consensus is reached in favor of the Congress, then the party will take the lead, but our goal has always been that the NDA should not come." We will go with the unanimous decision, "Azad. he said on Wednesday. So far, Congress has been led by Rahul Gandhi as prime minister in all elections.

The order of the Electoral Commission on Article 324 in West Bengal brought it on Thursday on the last day of the campaign in the country, stating both the BJP and TMC to focus on the last-minute campaign efforts in the territory that saw violence during all Lok Sabhi elections. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is expected to hold two rallies in the country – in Mathurapur and Lakmikantpur. TMC chief and chief minister Bengal Mamat Banerjee has two public rallies, in Mathurapur and Diamond Harbor, and twice, in Behala and Calcutta, scheduled for Thursday.

Modi will travel to the country after three rallies in Mau, Chandauli and Mirzapur in Uttar Pradesh. In the meantime, the BJP candidate for southern Calcutta Chandra Bose will plaster the Vidiasagara statue with the Lotus wreath.

Attacking the Election Commission of India for limiting the campaign for the last phase of the survey in West Bengal, Mamat said on Wednesday that it was "unprecedented,
unconstitutional and unethical gift "to the president of Modi and BJP Amit Shahu by the survey committee.

Banerjee said she never saw this kind of EC that was "partial and full of RSS people." "In West Bengal, there is no such problem and legal order that Article 324 can be banned. It is a precedent, unconstitutional, dishonest, unethical and politically biased decision" against which the state will launch the Supreme Court, she said.

"Mr EC gave a gift to Narendra Modi and Amit Shah (referring to Article 324) in West Bengal for the vandalization of the statue of Vidiasagar," she claims at a press conference held at her residence in Kalighat.

Kolkata was in widespread violence during the massive release of Amit Shah's BJP on Tuesday. The Bengal Icons of the 19th Century Bishop Ishvar Chandra Vidiasagar was vandalized during the violence. No other violence in Modia or Shah in the country had happened earlier, she said and asked: "Where is the lawlessness?"

"ECI makes all decisions on the BJP side, I've never seen this kind of ECI, and I think that all RSSs are included in the ECI." ECI is biased, "she says.

In the first such campaign in Indian electoral history, the EC on Wednesday called on Article 324 of the Constitution to limit the pre-election campaign for the final phase of the 19 May election after violence between the BJP and the workers of the Trinham Congress in Calcutta on Tuesday.

Rahul Gandhi, the head of the Congress, will visit a family of 19-year-old survivor gang rape in Rajasthan's Alvar on Thursday. The visit, which was originally scheduled for Wednesday, had to delay his visit because his helicopter could not land in that area due to bad weather. Rahul was accompanied by Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot, AICC Secretary General for Rajasthan Avinash Panda and Deputy Chief Minister and PCC President Sachin Pilot.

The incident of 26 April triggered anger and protests across the country by pulling out attacks on the Congress government by Modi and the head of BSP Maiavati.

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