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Know at what time your body burns the most calories


Your body can burn different calories depending on the time of day. We're not kidding here! Study published in "Current Biology" has determined whether our circadian rhythm is an 'internal clock' the body that controls when we feel sleepy, alert or hungry – affects the amount of calories we burn day and night.

Scientists have noted that the researchers noticed that the participants set about 10 percent more calories later in the afternoon and evening than in the middle of the night. The difference was about 130 additional calories burned. Participants were carrying sensors that monitored their core body temperature because the higher body temperature body temperature means that a person burns more calories to determine how many calories people burn at different points in their cycle cycle.

The researchers gradually shifted the sleeping time and the awakening of the participants to ensure the circadian rhythms of the participants are not influenced by external factors such as exposure to light and social signs.

According to the findings of the study, the body temperature of the participants in the rest was generally higher in the time period corresponding to late afternoon. In contrast, the temperature of their body bodies died in the late and early morning hours. Our bodies burn the most calories that perform basic functions in late afternoon hours, they found the findings.

According to a senior study by Jeanne Duffi, Doctor of Science, Doctor of Science, Neuroscientific Associate in the Separation of Sleep Disorders and Circadians at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston, conventional wisdom is that if you want to measure someone's REE, you really do not see what time it is from the day you do it. Take measurements and assume that's correct.

For 37 days the participants lived in the laboratory and were not exposed to potential environmental disorders such as clocks, windows, telephones or the Internet. Also, the intake of food and activity levels of the participants was also examined. Although the results of this study are still preliminary.

Published: November 15, 2018

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