Friday , April 16 2021

Maharashtra becomes the first country to administer 8 million doses of Covid vaccine

Maharashtra became the first country in India to administer over eight million doses of anti-Covid vaccine to users since the introduction of the inoculation facility.

It is followed by Gujarat, where 7.7 million stings were given, and Uttar Pradesh, who administered 7.2 million doses.

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As the worst affected country in the second wave of coronavirus in India, Maharashtra continues to record a huge increase in fresh infections.

In light of this, Chief Minister Uddhav Thackerai wrote to Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday asking him to allow vaccination for all people over the age of 25 in the state.

CM said this will protect young people from the rapid spread of Covid-19 the moment they go out of their homes to earn a living.

Thackeray claimed that the young generation is also infected with the virus. To prevent the spread of the virus, people over the age of 25 have the right to be vaccinated, he wrote.

The CM also requested that Maharashtra be provided with an additional 1.5 doses of Covid vaccine, which will allow the state government to complete vaccination of users over the age of 45 in six districts, including Mumbai, within three weeks, reporting a large number of cases.

Maharashtra reported 47,288 new Covid-19 cases on Monday, nearly 10,000 fewer than on Sunday when the state witnessed the biggest one-day jump since the start of the pandemic.

As many as 155 coronavirus-related deaths were reported in the state on Saturday, killing 56,033, the report said.

In addition, 26,252 patients were discharged during the day, moving the total recovery to 25,49,075.

There are 4,51,375 active cases in the state.

The government of Maharashtra on Sunday ordered to impose a complete lock on us next weekend from 8 pm on Friday to 7 am on Monday.

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