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Mars has enough water to sink the entire planet: Study

A huge tank of frozen water was discovered on Mars. Using a radar that penetrates through the earth, scientists pulled out water that lay beneath the sand layers beneath the ice cap in the northern half of the Marsh. It is believed that this reservoir has enough ice to sink the entire planet if it dissolves.

"This was a surprise, even for us," said Stefano Nerozzi, lead author of the research paper and PhD in the University of Texas.

According to a report by, a layer of ice was found at the northern Cavs Unit of Mars, which is a landfill of several layers of frozen water and sand that hardened for hundreds of millions of years.

The Cavi unit is about two kilometers under the north pole. Until recently, scientists believed that it consisted mostly of sand dunes and contained less than 50 percent watery ice. These assumptions are made on the basis of visible observations of the shoots, which revealed large quantities of dark sand and a much smaller amount of frozen water in the blend.

A study, published in a research journal Geophysical Research Letters last week, said recent radar scanning suggests a larger amount of water ice blend in a single unit. This could turn him into the third largest water reservoir on Mars. The other two would be two polar ice caps on the Red Planet.

Horizontal plates contained aqueous ice ranging from 61 to 88% by volume; This means that the tube unit is primarily made of ice, not sand. If it dissolves, polar ice covers Mars with a layer of water of 5 feet.

Namely, Shallow Radar or SHARAD, an instrument mounted on NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, was used to make these observations. Radar waves that penetrate to the surface and broadcast by SHARAD helped the team of researchers to study the internal structure and composition of the unit.

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