Thursday , September 29 2022

New PUBG Xbox One Update added Harlei Kuinn and Joker Skins; There are full remarks here


A new upgrade for Battlegrounds PlaierUnknovn adds new content to the game and fixes some of its bugs. The most important change is the addition A suicide squad– Skins that allow players to dress like Harlei Kuinn or Joker.

Both characters are sold as skin packs in the game. The Harlei Kuinn package includes personal equipment "Daddy's Lil Monster" and special leather for a baseball bat for ridge and machetes. The jacket package includes "Night Club Suit" clothing. Both beams include personal hair and make-up option if you want to create your own faces on your own custom avatar.

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If purchased, these options will appear below PUBG's new Make Up tab in the Appearance category. In most cases, changing face, hair, makeup and sex will not cost BP anymore. Several paid items are exempt from this.

The update also adds a new supply and custom matching system to the Xbox One PUBG version. Converting the texture in the game is also optimized, and the bug in Training Mode has been corrected. Patch notes are on PUBG forums, but we have listed the following features.

If you know that you try PUBG on Xbox One, the console version of the game is free to download and play from November 8th to November 11th.

PubG Xbox One Update # 3 Patch Notes

Supply system

  • Added supply system
    • Earn PSP through time for playing and filling missions to level-up and get rewards.
    • Every 10 levels will receive a permanent reward.
    • Every level on the way to every lasting reward will give you a BP, and also a chance to get an additional permanent reward.
  • You can pick up and receive prizes when you fill out the Survival meter with the survival of the KSP
    • You must click on the "Request" to receive the completed PSP mission
  • Looking at team relatives, 50% fewer PSPs than in life

Leather and articles

  • Added "Make up" tab in the "Appearance" category.
    • The "Appearance" category has been added to the store, where you can purchase additional hair and makeup options.
  • Changing "Appearances" such as face, hair and / or sex will not cost BP (from some paid items for face and make-up are excluded).

Custom Match

  • Custom matching is added and custom matching is available for all players.
  • Known weight: You may experience short caucuses in a custom lobby when assigning or moving teams.
    • The custom match list can now be seen after selecting the custom game mode.
      • Normal mode: classic battle royal rules – be the last person (or team) that stands
        • War regime: Team deathmatch with respavns. A team with the highest points (kills and strikes) win.
    • After selecting the desired game mode, custom matches can now be created using preset settings.
      • Each game mode currently has the default preset and one additional preset setting.
        • War regime includes the setting of Desert Knights.
        • The normal mode includes Sanhok Forti Fivers memory.
      • Rules: Set the number of players, the size of the team.
      • Basics: Set the game mode, password, folder, time, and so on.
      • After creating a match, the settings can be adjusted using the options in the Basic and Rules menu.
      • Normal Mode includes pre-set Sanhok Forti Fivers.
    • Things to keep in mind when creating custom matches:
      • At least 10 players are required to start the match.
      • You can play pending for up to two hours.


  • Optimized streaming of text to reduce load

Corrections of errors

  • Fixed an error when you finished the game in the Training Mode, you would get two wins that were counted according to the Statistics of the Game Hub
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