Wednesday , March 22 2023

Nick Jonas admits he was prying Princess Priyanko Chopra on Instagram


Nick Jonas admits he has found Priyanko Chopra's story on Instagram.

Nick Jonas admits he was chasing Priyanko Chopra on Instagram.

Nick Jonas admits he was chasing Priyanko Chopra on Instagram.

Love is in the air for Bollywood stars. If Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh tie in the knots in Lake Como, their Bayram Mastani, a Korean named Priianak Chopra, is also preparing for the big day.

Priianka has found love in American singer Nick Jonas, and lovebirds are inseparable from their ceremony in August this year.

From lunch to the holiday break, Nick and Priian are busy painting the city of red. Every day, lovebirds strive to give everyone a few goals. Nick, who is currently in the United States, acknowledged that he was following him on social media.

After her Bachelorette in Amsterdam with her girlfriend, Priianka returned to India to continue with the next schedule of Ski Is Pink. And Nick seems to miss his girlfriend.

Nik admitted that he was following his wife Priyanka's instant on Instagram and wrote a heart message for her on some of her photos from her bachelorette parti.

Nick said, "I'm totally impressing you … you are so beautiful."

If he is believed in a vine, Nick will have 11 groomsmen next to him while he runs into Priianka, including his brothers Kevin Jonas, Joe Jonas and Frankie Jonas. Nick's royal colleague Jonathan Tucker and Priyanin's brother Siddharth Chopra are part of the groom's group.

Speculation is firm that Nick and Priianka visited the court in Beverly Hills last week and applied for a wedding license. It is said that the couple will bring a license to India, where they will link the knot, and then submit a permit to the United States, so their marriage is official in both countries.

Buzz said that Priyanka and Nick will link the node to Jodhpur in December. Their wedding will be a three-day extravaganza, starting on November 30th. The couple will have two different ceremonies, respecting religious faith.

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