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Nick Kirgios picked up the CHAIR, threw it on the court and became DISQUALIFIED in chaos Italian Open | Tennis | Sport

The Australian struggled to level the match against Casper Ruud in one set and was broken in the third set.

However, Kirgios framed the forkend with wide hands and returned to Ruud.

Kirgios turned his anger at the crowd before slamming the racket on the floor in the middle of a crack of cursing.

Then he sank a bottle of water and picked up a nearby chair and threw it over the ground.

Kirgios had previously received multiple code violations and the judge sentenced him to play for unsporting behavior.

Then he packed his bag, shook hands with Ruud and the judge before he left the field and was subsequently unsettled.

Amazon Prime Pundits Robbie Koenig and Mark Petchey looked disgruntled at Kirgios' actions.

Koenig said: "We saw him destroy his rackets on several occasions, but look at this. Can you believe it?"

"Does he leave the field? He seems to have packed his bag."

Confused Petchei replied: "I suppose he failed. It will be a mess."

Koenig then picked up the microphone and said: "The fans are telling him to go back to the field." Incredible scenes. Absolutely crazy scenes.

"I suppose it's crazy and Nick Kirgios actually makes sense in the same sentence."

A recording of an incident from fans in the crowd shows Kirgios who curses the spectators for walking and getting violations for unsportsmanlike behavior.

Then he says: "I do not want to play when this happens."

The judge invited the judge to the court to deal with the incident and heard Kirgios shout: "I give 100%.

"And I have to deal with f ****** idiots like him, I'm done. I did f ****** I do not give AF ***." bags and leaves the field to the boos from the crowd.

Kirgios is obliged to talk to the media after the match, but New York Times journalist Ben Rothenberg tweeted: "ATP neighbors could not catch Kirgios after the game before leaving the site, so AVOL will not speak today via official channels today.

"Twitter, probably another story."

In the end, Kirgios replied to Twitter with "Hahahahaha" in response to a video of Ruud, who celebrates his victory.

ESPN analyst and tennis coach Brad Gilbert wrote on Twitter: "I hope @ ATP_Tour will carefully look at what exactly happened in the Kirgios match, with his previous questions, especially in China a few years ago, wondering what do for punishment and / or suspension. "

Ugly scenes with Kirgios come only 24 hours after targeting No. 1 Novak Djokovic.

Kirgios scoffed at the Serbian saying: "I feel like it has a sick obsession by wanting to like it.

"He just wants to be Federer. I feel that he wants to be so much loved that I can not stand him. This celebration is so brave.

"He's an incredible sports champion, one of the biggest we'll ever see. I think he will win the Grand Slam count and beat Federer.

"[But] We're talking about a guy who pulled out of the Australian Open for a year because it was too hot. No matter how many Grand Slam wins, he will never be the greatest for me.

"I played it twice and I'm sorry, but if you can not beat me, you can not be the greatest of all time. See how much I train and put … it's zero compared to him.

"For me, Federer will always be the greatest of all time. What Rafa did was quite scary.

"But Novak just curses me in the wrong way. He always says what he thinks he should say, and not his real opinion.

"Celebration kills me. Every time she does it … she kills me. If I play it and beat him again, I'm doing a celebration in front of him … that would be funny! "

What Nick Kirgios said

Nick Kirgios began his conversation with the viewer of the Italian Open, crying: "F *** ing r **** d bro."

Kirgios then said: "You should not walk in the yard while I serve, do you understand that?"

"That's b ********, I do not want to play when this happens."

As he packed the bags, Kirgios said: "I give 110 [per cent] and we're dealing with idiots like him.

"I'm done, I'm done. I did it."

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