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Real Madrid beat Real Betis to return to Messi, Real Madrid won Celta Vigo


Barcelona lost at home in La Liga for the first time in more than two years, while Real Betis won a stunning 4-3 win on Sunday, despite the fact that Lionel Messi scored a double result after the return from injury.

Barca last season suffered a defeat in the Camp Nou v Alaves in September 2016, but after 42 games unbeaten, their run ended a brilliant, counter-attack from Betis.

Three hours later, Real Madrid finished with 4: 2 win in Celta Vigo, and Santiago Solari is expected to win an extension of his training.

Real has now announced four consecutive victories since Solari was temporarily in charge, while the difference for Barca was reduced to four points.

"It worked great," said the director of the Madrid club, Emilio Butragueno. "We are very pleased that things have disappeared."

Solari said about his future: "We will see. I do not usually plan too much, but in principle, tomorrow is my day."

The Bar Shock defeat came despite the return to Messi, whose two goals, one from the penalties and one deep in the time of injury, showed a little more than comfort.

"We are not leaving with the feeling that Betis was a better team," said coach Ernesto Valverde. "I do not want to take credit from our opponent, but we could have better against them."

It was the first time Messi scored twice and Barcelona lost, but remain at the top of the table, even if the three clubs now hide only one point behind.

Atletico Madrid, faced with Vanda Metropolitan after the international break, Sevilla and Alaves fired.

Alaves won in Huesca 2-1 earlier on Sunday, while Sevilla won the same result at home in Espanyol, and Vissam Ben Iedder was in the 89th minute of the winner.

"The top of the table is fine, I will not deny it," said Valverde. "It should also help us understand that it's never easy to win."

Betis's Barke's beating reward is 12th. On the other hand, Kuikue Setien was able to retire to the sumptuous attacking football that set them in the sixth place, but to a full extent remain one of Spain's toughest opponents.

"We are a brave team in every way," said former Spanish Joakuin. "Camp Nou's gain in concentration requires concentration and we do everything well. We played a great game."

– Faster, sharper and hungry –

Betis looked quicker, sharper and hungry, while the middle of the pitch in Barcelona was repeatedly open at break.

It took five laps for the opener, the last time he drove for the first time from Villiam Carvalho to release Junior Firpo to the left. He entered Sergio Roberto and hit the net.

Barca had a chance, but Betis quickly rushed forward, and the junior cross escaped everything except Giovani Lo Celso on the opposite wing. Joakuine chose his sweet coat, which stormed into Betis's other.

Arturo Vidal replaced tired Arthur Mela in the halftime, and in the 68th minute Barca withdrew one, Jordi Alba caught Cristian Tello, and Messi turned the penalty for the eighth league goal of the season.

But recovery was stopped three minutes later, when Marc-Andre and Stegen left Lo Celso through the fingers and dropped into the far corner for 3-1.

The bar is not over yet. Two substitutions were merged for a second, Munir El Haddadi was lying on Vidal, but before the return started again, it was stopped.

First, Ivan Rakitic was sent, the second yellow card for a late challenge on Lo Cels, and then Sergio Canales was in the fourth Betis fourth position from the junior cross. Messi added his second to injury, but there was no later play.

Madrid's victory was simple, when Karim Benzema opened scoring, a sublime touch, and took advantage of the space for a sharp finish in the corner.

Benzema then entered Gustavo Cabral before Hugo Mallo gave the Celta hope a sweet volleyball. Sergio Ramos, however, collapsed in a late penalty, Cabral was sent on another yellow card, and Dani Ceballos ended with a great strike in a long line. Brais Mendez scored a goal for Celta in injury.

The only cracks in Solari was the injuries that Casemiro, Sergio Reguilon and Nacho saw. Gareth Bale crossed to the left-hand winger in the first half, but he could continue.

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