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Suncity School is partnering with ILBS to fight against hepatitis

May 30, 2019 18:32 IST

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Gurugram (Hariana) [India] May 30 (ANI / NevsVoir): School of Suncity, Sector 54, Gurugram hosted the campaign "I Promise, (My Support)" organized by the Institute of Litter and Billiard Science (ILBS). Over 500 people, including teachers, staff and workers, took advantage of this event.
This activity was carried out under the project "Empowering people against hepatitis: Campaign EMPATHI" conducted by ILBS, aimed at spreading awareness of India about the danger of viral hepatitis B and C.
In order to sensitize and educate people about the aspects of hepatitis, in the presence of distinguished guests, an awareness campaign was organized, followed by a free health camp for hepatitis B and C screening and vaccination for hepatitis B – Shri Lakmi Narain Goel, President, Suncity Schools , Rupa Čakravarti, Head of the School Suncity and Dr. Neeraj Raizada, Assistant-Epidemiology, Institute of Lectures and Biliary Science and Campus Empathy, Institute of Liver and Biliary Science.
The main speech was delivered by Dr. Neeraj Raizada. The importance of hepatitis B and C screening and vaccination against hepatitis B has been highlighted, and people are encouraged to test and vaccinate them.
"The rate of hepatitis is increasing at an alarming level, it is vital to take steps to prevent infection and maintain a healthy liver. We have high impact and effective interventions to prevent the onset of a disease such as vaccination against hepatitis B, but it's important to we talk, and then test ourselves in time, "said Dr. Neeraj.
Sri Lakshmi Narain Goel also addressed staff of Suncity School and emphasized the poor effects of hepatitis – a disease and a viral infection.
"We have partnered with ILBS to support and promote the goal.The idea of ​​this association is to create dialogue among the community through teachers, staff, parents and students.The community has contributed to interested actors in the Suncity school who are always dedicated to contributing to the welfare of society at every a possible way, "said Rupa Chakravarti, head of the Suncity School.
In order to solve the problem of hepatitis B and C, ILBS launched a comprehensive program, namely, 'Empowering People Against Hepatitis: EMPATHI Campaign', which is supported by AAI under its corporate social responsibility in order to raise awareness of hepatitis B and C India through multiple advocacy strategies to improve behavior in the search for health care.
Initiative "I Promise … (My Support)", a component of the EMPATHI campaign, focuses on raising awareness in large corporate offices, including public and private, and sensitizing the organization's staff, and encourages them to pledge support spreading awareness of viral hepatitis and contributing to its prevention and early management.
After that, all staff also provided their support by sharing their promise for the cause. The ILBS team also provided a free vaccination camp for them. where they were vaccinated against hepatitis B and checked for hepatitis B and C, on a voluntary basis.
About 60 million Indians are infected with hepatitis B and C viruses that are responsible for cirrhosis of the liver and cancer. The majority who holds the infection has no diagnosis and is unaware of their status.
While several initiatives have been initiated by the government within the National Program for the Control of Viral Hepatitis, to improve access to vaccines, diagnosis and treatment for such individuals and those at risk, but the stigma and discrimination associated with these infections is a significant barrier to care. – search, reconcile and integrate, because often they do not want to be identified because of fear of social isolation.
This event created a chain of causes for causes, i.e. "Breaking the Hepatitis B and C Epidemic" at the Suncity School, everyone spoke to many, and an increasing number of people within the teaching fraternity and in their society became aware of the dangers of Hepatitis B and C and the promise of being screened, hepatitised and assisted to those who are infected by supporting them and giving them duties in the workplace and in society.
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