Wednesday , December 8 2021

The Cabinet of Maharashtra approves the quota for Marats


The Cabinet of Maharashtra on Sunday clarified the decision to extend the reservation for the Marath community by creating a new category called the Socialli and Educational Backward Class (SEBC) on the recommendations of the State Commission for Return Classes.

Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis announced the decision at a press conference held on the eve of the winter session of the state legislature.

The reserve quantum will be determined by the subcommittee of the Cabinet in charge of deviating from the technical aspects of the law that will be presented in the next two weeks.

"The report of the Poverty Reduction Commission has made three recommendations," Fadnavis said.

Panel recommendations

Recommendations are Marathas social and educational backward class of citizens with minimal representation in government and semi-government services; the social and educational backward class may be extended benefits from the provision under Article 15 (4) and 16 (4) of the Constitution, and given such an exceptional and exceptional condition, the state government may take measures.

Asked if the proposed reservation for Marates exceeds 50% of the mark designated by the Supreme Court, Mr. Fadnavis said that the BC Commission specifically mentioned that the state of marathons is exceptional and exceptional.

"Even the Supreme Court has said that earlier, even though the case of a Tamil Nadu that exceeds a 50% reservation in the Supreme Court has not been overturned. We are convinced of the extension of the reservation at Marathas," he said.

Central gift

He said that the general attorney's opinion was taken into account whether the permission of the central government and various bodies of the Law Enforcement Center in the country was needed.

"We do not need the Center's permission," he said.

The report did not recommend the inclusion or merge of Marath Reserves with those of the OBCs.

The Commission was asked to report on marathon backlog on a social, educational and economic basis. A 20,000-page report was submitted to the state government last week. For over ten years now, the community has protested in the streets, raising the demand for reservation.

He blamed the opposition for spreading erroneous information and attempting to create hostility within communities because of the issue of reserving Marate. "I appeal to them not to make such statements," he said.

Asked about the request of Dangar, Mr. Fadnavis said the state government received a TISS report.

"The dangers are currently in the VJNT category with a reservation of 3.5%. Their claim is that they should be added to the category of the planned tribe, which is under the control of the Center." We will deliver a recommendation to the Center, "he added.

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