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The "Right to Pray" Campaign Trupti Desai announces its intention to visit Sabarimal on November 17th


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Updated: November 14, 2018. 8:24:42

Campaign The Right to Prayer Campaign Trupti Desai said that their entry into the Temple of Sabarimal will be democratic, and will also be based on truth and nonviolence, as Mahatma Gandhi preached.

Contrary to the Supreme Court's refusal to retain the September 28th ruling on the lifting of the age limit for the enrollment of women to the Sabarimal temple in Kerala, the "right to prayer" campaign in Maharashtra, Trupta Desai said she and six other women would join the state in November 17 to "exercise their right to pray guaranteed by the constitution".

"Our seven-team team will fly to Sabarim in November 16. We will arrive there on November 17th … … we will not leave Kerala until we allow us to offer adoration," said Desai, who successfully led his entry two years ago a woman in Shani Shingnapur temple in 400 years in Maharashtra, where the century of women and men has been forbidden for centuries.

Stating that there was a threat to their lives, Desai said she had sent a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the Chief Minister of Kerala and the state DGP seeking protection when they land in Kerala and their safe return to Maharashtra. "After the verdict of the Supreme Court, I also received more than 300 numbers of threats to my Facebook account. Messages threaten to kill me, cut me to pieces if I go down to Kerala. It's told to me in a dirty, indescribable language," she said .

Some of the threats, said Desai, include references such as "As soon as we descend to the airport, our hands and feet will be cut off from the body, and the rest of our corrupted bodies will be sent to Maharashtra which signifies a great danger for our lives in Kerala. landing at the airport on November 16. It is necessary to get security protection until the time when we leave Kerala. "

Desai did not just seek protection, but also called on the Kerala government to bear the costs of his team during his stay in Kerala. "We demand from the government of Kerala to bear all the protection costs we had in connection with arrangements made since we arrived to Kerala and later in Maharashtra," Desai said in a letter to Chief Minister Kerala.

Pointing out that their struggle for the entry of women into the sanctum sanctorum in the temple for the right to the right to equality of the sexes, Desai said: "It was not a fight against any religion or devotee, nor did we intend to hurt the feelings of the devotee, on the contrary, we are devotees of the deity Despite the judgment of the Supreme Court, we still can not worship our God by entering into the temple, and also under police protection that has seriously worsened our feelings. "

Desai said that their entry into the temple would be democratic and based on truth and nonviolence, as Mahatma Gandhi preached. "Whoever opposes our entry into the temple and to any extent, we will enter the temple with folded hands before the demonstrators will be based on the principles of Gandhi. If any violence or an unpleasant incident arises, it will be the responsibility of the Kerala government," she said is.

On Tuesday, the Supreme Court ruled on January 22, 2019 as the date when it would hear petitions against the revision of the Order of the Constitutional Court. Read more

The activists' decision to visit the lighthouses is likely to instigate fierce protests with right-handed clothes around the temples, similar to the one he testified in October and earlier this month. From the judgment of the Supreme Court in September, the temple was opened for eight days, but no woman between 10 and 50 years old could not violate the demonstrators and offer prayer in the temple. Each time, women who were accompanied by heavy police security were forced to descend to the hill and return home.

Activists such as Rahul Eashvar, who were at the forefront of protests, have indicated that the "devotees" will naturally react to any attempt to "violate temple traditions and rituals". The truffles of Desai will be able to enter the temple, merely sticking to our crates, "he said.

On Thursday, the ruling left-wing government will hold talks with opposition parties, including the Congress and the BJP, as well as other stakeholders in a row such as the Nair Service Societies, the Pandalam Coordination Board and the priestly family. Both the Congress and the BJP have asked the government to abandon its "stubborn" nature and respect the devotees. Both parties stated that the application of the SC judgment must be suspended until the court takes a final decision in January of the following year.

The annual pilgrimage season begins at Sabarimali on Friday evening, when the sanctum sanctorum door will open for the festivals "mandalam-makaravilakku". The devotees of the devotees, especially from the southern states, were demolished at Sabarimala during this period after a strict 41-day abdication of abstinence.

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