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Today's meeting meets today on the decision of the Supreme Court to consider the Sabarimale order | india nevs


The first release after the Supreme Court's decision Friday to reconsider its September verdict that allowed women of all ages to enter Sabarimal's temple was muffled when the news influenced the Supreme Court not to remain before. Now, stakeholders, including the government of Kerala, who are protesting with devotees and political clothing, admit that the Supreme Court's decision to reconsider its earlier judgment is further confusing.

With only three days of the remaining annual pilgrimage season, the fingers are crossed. Then the preparations were influenced. Pambha, the main base camp of the temple, devastated by the flood, remains desecrated without any object. The Red was charging for preparations, the temple officials say, adding that instead of restoring basic facilities, the government entered an unprecedented controversy. The "Restoration of Kerala" slogan after the flood of the century is located in the flame of the temple.

Protestants believe that if women enter the temple during the 61-day window period when the sanctuary opens, all petitions for review will become invalid and they decided to step up their spirits. The temple of the hill will open on Saturday and close only on January 14, with a small break between. There will be two breaks – Mandalam (December 16 and December 27) and Makara Vilakku (from December 30 to January 14, 2019).

However, the state government has made it clear that if at any time a woman chooses to visit the temple, she is obliged to provide security.

Opposition parties that have had the opportunity to feel have priority. The Congress, which holds a low profile, jumped on a gang with party worker president Sudhakaran, saying that party workers would stop women in an age group of 10 to 50 years entering the temple. RSS leader Valsan Thilankeri further warned the government that it would have to pay a heavy price if the customs would fall.

"The temple is not a war zone, it is also necessary to move the devotee freely. We hope that after the formal meeting on Thursday, everything will be solved," said Committee Chairman Travancore Devas A Padmakumar. The BJP said it would leave the meeting if it did not get the conviction of CM Pinarai Vijayan.

When Kerala police opened their popular portal, sabariamalak.com, last week at least 560 women in the age group of 10 to 50 years registered for "darshan" during a seasonal pilgrimage. To add to his problems, the leader of the bhumat brigade, Trupta Desai, announced his intention to visit the temple on Saturday. She sent a letter to the KP requesting the protection of her six members. It is expected that more women, including social activists, will arrive unannounced.

Excessive police forces say they expect a lush season this year. "Unlike the previous two occasions, a month-long pooja and a one-day chithirai atama, they are very sensitive. Even a minor reversal can lead to a major disaster." If the political leadership does not come to a consensus, there are possibilities of stampede or bloodshed, "said a senior police officer under condition to remain anonymous. He added that the top on top was a brutal bomb. The TDB Trustee also submitted a report to the High Court that any tension could trigger accidents. According to the TDB assessment during the top season, more than 8-10 lakh pilgrims visit the temple every day.

First issue: Nov 15, 2018 07:46 IST

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