Tuesday , May 30 2023

Why was Nick Furi waiting to contact Captain Marvel in the endless war?


The Captain Marvel The Prelude # 1 comic reveals why Nick Furi was waiting while Infiniti Var contacted Carol Danvers. At the end of the last Avengers film, before Fouri turns into dust from half the universe, he sends a signal for the danger to Danvers on the pager. Since then, the head of Marvel Studio Kevin Feige has discovered that Danvers will be the most powerful character we've ever seen in Marvel Cinematic Universe so far, which led to the question of why Furi has been waiting so long to address her.

Marvel Comics posted Captain Marvel Prelude # 1 today, and begins to witness the story of Carol Danvers joining the MCU. With what is said, this first comic is dedicated to Nick Furi, Danvers is not even in the story. This casts a certain light on the relationship between Danvers and Furia. Furi shows Marija Hill pager for the first time in a comic book and says she wants to avoid calling on her, emphasizing that she is the last resort.

Captain Marvel Prelude # 1 author Vill Corona Pilgrim also released further information on Nick Furi's decision to contact Carol Danvers at the end Infiniti Var. Thanos is a great threat to the universe, as we have seen in the last Avengers movie. Mad Titan could have gotten all the infinite dwellings and completed his mission to bring the balance into space. Pilgrim said this to call Fouri so long to contact Danvers.

"Carol is the biggest gun you have, and Fury never loses a silver bullet, so if he finally comes to that call after all this, and after all he's faced with Avengers, he really sees the situation as the last resort."

Vill Corona Pilgrim's opinion of the power Captain Marvel reflects Kevin Feig's thoughts. With what has been said, it will be very interesting to see its appearance Avengers 4 after her independent film. Kuantum Realm will play a major role in the upcoming film and it is believed that Carol Danvers will in some way be connected with the mysterious area. We hope to see this connection Captain Marvel early next year.

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In second place, Nick Furi left the stage during the event Civil war. He disappeared to take care of things that did not take Avengers's attention, but they still took care of them. Before Infiniti Var, Furi met with Steve Rogers and invited him to make up for Tony Stark because he knew something was falling down a lot. Rogers refused, and Furi sent Maria Hill to meet Stark for the same reasons, and was also denied. You can buy it Captain Marvel Prelude # 1 in Marvel.

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