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Zero: Complaint brought against Shah Rukh Khan and Aanand L Rai for violation of Sihov's feelings


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Published: November 5, 2018. 9:13:11

Shah Rukh Khan Zero is in trouble Singer Singh Sirsa says Shah Rukh Khan has shown Gatra Kirpan as an ordinary dagger in Zero.

Delhi Sikh Gurudvara Managing Director (DSGMC) Manjinder Singh Sirsa filed a lawsuit against the actor Shah Rukh Khan and director Aanand L Rai on Monday for violating the sikh sentiment. Sirsa claimed that the SRK showed Gatri Kirpan as an ordinary poet in the film.

Manjinder Singh Sirs appeal with SHO, North Avenue in New Delhi is as follows:

"It was submitted that I was Secretary General of the Delhi Sikh Gurudvara Board of Directors, received a number of complaints from Sikh Sangat for the violation of Siksa's feelings by the film Zero directed by Mr. Aanand L Rai. The film features a film actor Shahrukh Khan wearing" Gatra Kirpan "(article Sikh Faith) and their film promo that created resentment among the Sikh community around the world. According to Sikh rehat mariada only Amritdhari Sikh person can wear Gatra Kirpan.

You are asked to file FIR against the film director Aanand L Raia and film actor Shahruh Khan. You were also asked to immediately stop the Zero film promo showing Shahrukh Khan's actor in Gatri Kirpan. "

Singer Singh Sirsa also asked the director of Zone Aananda L Raia to remove unpleasant scenes, failing that the Sikh community would come out to protest in theaters to halt the screening of the film.

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The trailer and the new poster of the movie were announced on April 2 on the occasion of the birthday of Shah Rukh Khan.

Zero will be released on December 21st.

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