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100 cases of DHF occurred in Kukar in January 2019, the Health Office wanted to be warned of wildfire


100 cases of DHF occurred in Kukar in January 2019, the Health Office wanted to be warned of wildfire

Report by Journalist, Rahmat Taufik

TRIBUNKALTIM.CO, TENGGARONG – In the Kuta Kartanegara Regens (Kukar) during this January 2019, there were 100 cases of dengue haemorrhagic fever (DHF).

"Data from a number of health centers in Kukar, dengue fever patients, reached 100 cases starting January 1-17, 2019," Arpan Boma, acting head of the Kukar Health Office said on Wednesday (January 23, 2019).

Most cases of DHF were found in the Rapak Mahang Health Center, Tenggarong as many as 20 cases, then in the Health Center Loa Kulu 18 cases and Sebulu and the Health Center as many as 17 cases.

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Boma said, blurring or fumigation was the last step.

"Blurring is not done at all locations, but at sites that are suspected of being increased. We are more committed to PSN (Elimination of Mammals Nest)," he said.

He also appealed to the public to be aware of the existence of wild delusion in the name of the Office of Health and then charge a certain fee.

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"We do not have it (wild fog), if DHO is sure that it will first write to the head of the village or the lura, blurring is the last step if it is from the Dinks or the Puskes," Boma said.

Regarding unlawful blurring, DHO has no authority to prosecute, but residents can report it to the police station.

"DHO has never recommended wild fog, use of fuming drugs should not be arbitrary, it must be in line with SOPs, wrong mosquitoes are really resistant, food can be exposed, damage to health," Boma said.

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According to him, blurring is not effective if it does not start with the removal of mosquito nests, one of which drains a bath in the bathroom.

In addition, DHO also expanded the powder that was distributed to the public to distribute freely to the public. He invited the inhabitants to adopt a clean lifestyle.

"Water tanks that become a rainwater reservoir are favored by dengue mosquitoes, this is sometimes freed from attention," he said.

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