Thursday , February 9 2023

4 symptoms of breast cancer that are often ignored, lumps do not always appear


The media – Breast cancer is the most common disease that affects women around the world. The number of cases of this disease continues to grow from year to year.

What’s worse, many women are unaware of the symptoms of breast cancer early on, so if the stage is severe, it’s too late to see a doctor.

Breast cancer is a disease that attacks the breast tissue and its surroundings. Most women only know that breast cancer is characterized by a lump near the armpit.

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In fact, there are many other symptoms that indicate the development of breast cancer. Symptoms are usually indicated as follows:

  1. The appearance of a lump in the breast

A lump in the breast is one of the first signs of breast cancer. These lumps are not always painful. However, not all lumps that appear in the breast are carcinogenic. These lumps can be felt when you perform a personal examination at home.

  1. Breast discoloration

This discoloration is sometimes mistaken for an infection. In fact, if you are not sure about the lump that appears in the breast, a change in skin color is enough to be more alert.

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  1. Nipples hurt

Another characteristic of the first phase of breast cancer is the appearance of changes in the nipple accompanied by pain. There may also be abnormal discharge from the nipple or relaxation of the nipple inwards.

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