Monday , February 6 2023

5 foods that bring blood sugar

[ad_1] – Basically, blood sugar can really increase or fall at any time. It depends on consumed food and drinks. Sugar can be found in various foods. From different cakes, sweets, creams, sweet drinks, fruits and more.

If sugar consumption can not be controlled, it can negatively affect health. Have you recently reduced sweet food or drink, but some of your blood sugar levels are still rising?

It may be because you eat other foods that unconsciously increase the level of blood sugar. What are foods or drinks that unconsciously increase the level of blood sugar?

Although it is known to reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes by 11%, but it should be known that coffee is mixed with sweeteners, cream or other added flavors. Because it can increase the amount of additional sweeteners. If the "complement" is always in the coffee. Yes, it's natural that blood sugar is raised. Not only that, for someone who is sensitive enough, even large amounts of caffeine can affect glucose.

In fact, oatmeal plays a good role in maintaining blood sugar levels. But, according to the medical journal "Nutrients," instant oatmeal contains plenty of sugar that is not good for your health. If the oven eats your favorite breakfast, then choose an old-fashioned tooth or roasted teeth that last longer to cook.

Do not select instant labeled oatmeal or fast cooking. Once again, choose oatmeal with a low glycemic index. To slow down glucose into the body.

& # 39; Organic & # 39; labels are some kind of magical label that this food is healthy. In fact, organic snacks are not always healthy. This means that there are still many manufacturers who add artificial sweeteners to their products. So, before you buy, you should first look at the organic labels for snack.

Red meat is often cooked in a beefsteak with rich saturated fats. Large fats of animal protein can make it difficult for the organism to manage blood sugar. As a result, resistance to insulin occurs.

If red meat is preferred, then select a part with low fat content such as waistline. Also, there is nothing wrong to ask if red meat, for example, beef to be consumed, comes from farmers who feed grass. For if the cattle feed on grass, the meat profile is healthier.

The amount of carbohydrates in fast food like pizza proved to be equivalent to 3 or 4 pieces of large bread. Even if you buy a pie with a thin bread, blood sugar will continue to grow. Pay attention to peaks that are used as sausages or sausages that are rich in sugar content.

To control your blood sugar level, we advise you to take a routine check with your doctor. Especially age, the risk of illness such as diabetes will be higher. Diabetes can also be uncontrolled and can cause complications. Starting from stroke, kidney failure, heart disease to blindness.


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