Wednesday , March 22 2023

A same-sex relationship was discovered behind the sadistic murder



The discovery of the male body full of the wound of the murder victim in a hotel in Jalan Jamin Ginting, Medan, North Sumatra (North Sumatra) came to light after the police arrested the killer. The motive for the sadistic murder was finally revealed.

Early body found

The head of the Tuntungan Police Criminal Investigation Unit, Ipda Elia Karo Karo, said there were several traces of a sharp weapon on the victim’s body. The wound was on the victim’s head and arms.

“We did not find any signs of violence, it is suspected that the victim suffered injuries from a sharp weapon. On the head, stomach and legs. The hands are also there,” said Ilija, on Saturday (9/10/2021).

An identification team was sent to investigate the identity of the corpse. Ilija explained, from the information from the hotel, the victim came with another man.

The killer was arrested

The alleged perpetrator of the murder of a man who was found dead with a covered body in a hotel in Medan, has been arrested. The alleged perpetrator was arrested by a joint team of Jatanras, Ditreskrimum, North Sumatra police and Medan police.

The head of public relations of the North Sumatran police, Kombes Hadi Vahiudi, said that the arrested suspect had the initials ASS. The ASS fled until the police finally managed to arrest him in Aceh.

“The initials are ASS. (Arrested) in the Singkil area, Aceh,” Hadi said when asked for confirmation on Wednesday (13/10).

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