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AFF Cup 2018 – President of FAT invited his team to fail to win Indonesia


TRIBUNNEVS.COM – President of the Thai Football Federation (FAT), Somiot Poompanmoung, believes Thai players will not experience difficulties against Indonesia in the group AFF 2018 at Rajamangal Stadium on Saturday (November 17, 2013).

Somiot visited Milovan Rajevac's children at the Meridian Meridian Suvarnabhumi Hotel on Wednesday (11/13/108), and was convinced that the Gajah military troops were overpowering the Indonesian national team.

"The players are in good shape, nobody is hurt or ill, they are ready to face Indonesia, and the spirit of the team is remarkable and we are determined to give the Thai public the happiness," Somiot said, quoting from the official FAT website .

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However, he emphasized that the peers of the Seed Padang Eternal with the Malaysian clubs whose financial problems are problematic and that they require the support of supporters to have more motivation.

Accordingly, he appealed to Thai supporters to fill the Rajamangal stadium on Saturday (November 17, 2013). >>> READ MORE HERE >>>

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