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After 50 years, DKI Bar has a certificate of Taman Ismailu Marzuki


JAKARTA, – A provincial provincial DKI from Jakarta gave a certificate of ownership of the land of Taman Ismail Marzuy (TIM) after the construction of the area 50 years ago at the time of the former governor of DKI, Jakarta Ali Sadikin.

Director of the DKI Regional Office Jakarta Jaia National Land Agents (BPN) handed over the certificate to DKI Jakarta Governor Anies Basvedan during the 50th anniversary of TIM, on Saturday (11/10/2013) evening.

"BPN has submitted a land certificate, and now the legal land area in this TIM is part of the funds of the provincial government DKI," Anies said, speaking in the TIM area, Jalan Cikini Raia, Central Jakarta.

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Anies said, before issuing the certificate, the provincial government of DKI could informally claim ownership of TIM property because it did not possess a certificate document.

After the certificate was delivered and TIM was the legal instrument of the Provincial Government of the DKI, continued Anies, the government has the freedom to do many things in TIM.

One of the things that will be carried out by the provincial government of DKI is the revitalization of the TIM area.

"The winner is determined for a long time, if it is not wrong 10 years ago, the winner of the TIM Design Competition, Bung Andra Matin." Voljan Božić, we will start the revitalization of TEAM at this place next year, "said Anies.

Revitalization of TIM plans to perform DKI BUMD, PT Jakarta Propertindo. The development lasts for two years with a budget of about 1.8 trillion Rp.

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