Friday , April 16 2021

Astronomers find the safest place to live on the Milky Way

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia –

A team of Italian astronomers claims to have found the safest place to live Bima sakti. The discovery was made after studying the location of a powerful cosmic explosion that may have killed a life.

Like a supernova explosion and gamma rays, cosmic explosions emit high-energy particles, as well as radiation that can damage DNA and kill life. By that logic, astronomers think that areas that are welcome for life are areas where explosions are less frequent.

“The powerful cosmic explosion cannot be ignored because of the existence of life in our galaxy during its cosmic history. This event played a life-threatening role in large parts of the Milky Way,” said lead author of the study from the University of Insubria, Riccardo Spinelli. Live Science.

In addition to finding the deadliest hotspots, astronomers have also identified the safest places in the history of galaxies that are predicted to have existed 11 billion years ago. The results show that the Earth, where people currently live, is on the edge of the galaxy.

In the youth of the Milky Way, the edge of the galaxy was opposite.

In a study published in the journal Astronomy and Astrophysics, many factors make planets habitable. For example, the planet must be in the Goldilocks zone, where the heat and activity of the parent star are neither too much nor too little.

In addition to these local conditions, life must also fight against harmful radiation coming from interstellar space. Fierce cosmic events, such as supernova explosions and gamma rays, also emit dangerous high-energy particles at speeds approaching the speed of light.

Not only can they kill all living things, but the particles of that phenomenon can disarm the atmosphere of the entire planet. After such an event, scientists believe that the planets orbiting nearby star systems will be wiped out of life.

“For a planet that is very close to a star explosion, it is logical that there is complete sterilization. Mass extinctions are more likely to occur in those distant places,” Spinelli said.

Gamma ray explosions and mass extinction


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