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Becoming a new bride, Randy Pangalila reveals the strength to have a woman named Bule
Getting out of marriage at a young age seems to be the dream of some people in all parts of the world. Some people do not even limit their partners to come from the same country.

Language and cultural differences also did not become an obstacle for two people to unite and foster a household. It seems to be the direction of the handsome accords Randi Pangalile.

Four months in a white-haired man from Canada, Randi now claims that language is one of the obstacles often confronted by his wife. He does not speak Indonesian fluently yet, but his wife must also use body language as a means of communication with his home assistants.

However, Randy's wife is still active in learning Indonesian. He is still in the learning phase (Indonesian). So you often use body language when communicating with home assistants at home, "said the movie player"Not ordinary Pocong"This.

Not silent, Randi obviously contributed to his wife learning a new language. He prefers to take his wife when she has activities outside of the house. So Randi hopes that Chelsea's Indonesian language will develop faster.

"I'm learning Indonesian slowly," he said. "I take it everywhere so I can get to know my friends." So he can learn faster.

Obviously, a 28-year-old actor would have only a heart to leave his wife at home if accompanied by his parents or his brother. But getting his wife out of the house was a good choice for Randy as he could while introducing a new culture in Chelsea.

Looking back, Randi officially married her lover Chelsea Frank in early 2019. Right on January 19, both of them held a closed reception in Bali. Lucky news is even the first known to the public by uploading a person's property make up artist.

The couple obviously had a long distance connection while he was still out. The love affair between the two pigeons has not been widely discussed in the public, because they rarely spit intimacy on social media.

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