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Choose PSG and ManCities from the Champions League! – VIVA

VIVA – Two European elite clubs, Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) and Manchester City are still at the center of attention regarding alleged violations of UEFA's Financial Fair Play (FFP) rules. For this reason, a number of parties have appealed to UEFA to impose sanctions on these two teams, to be rejected from participation in the Champions League this season.

Previously, the German media, Der Spiegel, reported that the PSG and Citi allegedly inflated the sponsor's income, in order to overcome them in order to avoid FFP villas. This report has made UEFA reactivate an investigation into the alleged violation of FFP regulations by the PSG and the city.

LA LaGeige Javier Tebas, so that one of the loudest parties shouted UEFA to punish PSG and City. Do not hesitate, Thebas called PSG and Citi cheating and destroyed the world of football. Slash slash comments on PSG in particular, launched by Neymar's crazy shopping from the PSG in Barcelona, ​​2017.

According to Thebes, UEFA must act immediately by crossing the PSG and Citia from the Champions League. It is said that a man born in Costa Rica, if UEFA is able to impose sanctions on PSG and City, this is evidence that the largest EU football federation is serious about applying the FFP regulations.

"I said two years ago, PSG and Manchester City cheated, so for me it's not surprising. It's important that UEFA does something real, and that is something that makes the world of the leg unbalanced," said Thebes Daili Mail.

"You have to punish the teams that make them sit outside the Champions League, which will send a message (to other clubs) that this regulation must be taken seriously. It is not a matter of punishing the PSG, but the adoption of the rules" We hope that everyone can take part if UEFA must act, act like that. They have to sanction teams, "he said. (Ase)

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