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For Ruben Onsu, Roro Fitria confessing loneliness


TRIBUNNEVS.COM – Ruben Ons visited Roro Fitria in Rutan Pondok Bambu, East Jakarta, Tuesday (06/11/2013).

At the meeting, Ruben Onsu expressed his disappointment and anger at Roro Fitria for drug use. Because of this, Roro Fitria had to be closed.

"I am also angry at Roro, I am very angry and disappointed in this. Why did he escape with what was not good?"

"At that time, too, I, Roro, told me, tried to use it for thin, he said he was lonely," Ruben Onsou said when he met on Tuesday (November 6, 2013) in prison in Pondok Bambu , East Jakarta.

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Roro Fitria, according to Ruben Onsu, told of his anxiety and complaints that he can not have many friends.

"A (Bang), I'm really the same as good people, this is the same, but why it's hard for me to be close to people," said Ruben Onsu under the name of Roro Fitria.

Roro Fitria often thinks about small things, making him too ambitious.

"So he feels lonely, he wants to be thin, so his thoughts do not respond to others," said Ruben Onsu

This husband from Sarvendah also made it clear that Roro Fitria was more flexible in accepting the presence of others in his life.

"I told him, you may need to open your heart again so that you can be friends with many people," Ruben Onsu said.(*)

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