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Found & # 39; Zabranjena Planeta & # 39 ;, Veće od Zemlje i Vrlo vruće

VIVA – Astronomers have discovered an extremely rare extrasolar planet, so they labeled it "Forbidden Planet" (Forbidden Planet) Technically known as NGTS-4b, the planet is three times larger than Earth, but 20% smaller than Neptune.

Then, the temperature is warmer than the planet Mercury, or reaches 1,832 degrees Celsius. In addition, the planet has its own atmosphere. This discovery was successful because astronomers used observation objects Next-generation transit to observe planets within 920 light-years from Earth.

Quotes site Gizmodo, Thursday, May 30, 2019, NGTS-4b is locked in orbit very close to its parent star. This Forbidden Planet takes only 1.34 days to finish one orbit.

Astronomers also recognize that the same planet has never been found very close to its parent star. Neptune, for example, which should not be at the nearest distance, such as the large Jupiter.

Because, the parent star is able to burn medium-sized objects. But, in fact, astronomers call the planet Neptune Desert, which describes the star zone.

"The mention of the Neptune desert originates from the observation that there are a large number of middle masses of the planet with very short periods (orbital)," said Richard West, head of the research team and astronomy at the University of Warwick.

He and his team used a proven transit method to detect and categorize distant orbits. "This is a solid planet, because it is in a zone where we hope that this planet of the size of Neptune can not survive. It's astounding that we can find it," Vest explained.

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