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Fun, Nintendo Switch users can enjoy iouTube


TRIBUNNEVS.COM – The lack of video streaming applications is often one of the obstacles for Nintendo Switch users.

But now it's no longer an article published by the IouTube application made specifically for the Nintendo Switch console.

This application can be downloaded for free on the official Nintendo website. Without any billing, users simply log into the My Nintendo account, and then they can find this app on the Game Store.

Through this application, Svitch users can enjoy video streaming regardless of whether they use a docking station connected to the TV or not.

While for the control function, users have to use a workshop to select menus, search for videos, etc., because the touch screen features in this application are very limited.

IouTube for Nintendo Svitch is available on November 8th.

The presence of this video streaming service was first discovered by several board members who were looking for games on the Nintendo website.

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Before IouTube crossed over, console users had at least two choices of video streaming applications, namely Hulu and Niconico.

Since its release in March 2017, the Nintendo Switch console has no application for streaming video player on its platform.

Hulu and Niconico were only released at the end of 2017. Quoted from engadget, on Saturday (October 11, 2013), With the release of YouTube on the Svitch console, it is envisaged to provide greater benefits to Google (the owner of the YouTube).

Because Nintendo Switch has a large database and sales are even anticipated to defeat PlaiStation 4.

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