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Goda, the wife of an entrepreneur, a Brazilian footballer kills the killings


SAO PAULO, KOMPAS.com – The face was surprised by Daniel Correa, Brazilian soccer player of Sao Paulo, caught on camera in a bed with his wife.

This is Correa's last photo in terms of life, as the footballer's body was found in the shrubs of the city of Sao Jose dos Pinhas in a wounded and wounded pole.

Three days after Correa's body was discovered, the police arrested businessman Edson Britte Junior (38) who claimed to have killed a 24-year-old footballer.

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Edson says he was dark in his eyes when he caught Corre in bed with his wife, Cristina.

Before the tragic event took place, the midfielder from Sao Paulo was on the 18th birthday of Allane, Edson and Cristina daughter.

The party was held at the night club on October 26th and was continued at the residence of the businessman. Then, Correa's friend got a VhatsApp player.

He sent a picture of himself, while Kristina slept in bed and wore clothes she was wearing at a birthday party.

"I can sleep here. Some women sleep in this house," Correa said in one of his messages.

"I will eat the mother's birthday girl, and her father is here," added Correa.

An amazed friend tried to remind his friend not to cause trouble.

"Does he (her husband's husband) sleep? You can not do anything, he will take you out of the house," said a friend.

"A man will appear and win," said another Correa friend.

In the meantime, Edson claimed that he had pulled Correa out of his wife's bed and defeated the footballer.

He reminded, breaking the door of the bedroom after finding the door locked inside and hearing his wife yelling.

"Then I dragged him, threw him on the floor and stopped him before raping my wife," Edson said.

"I beat him many times and pulled him out of the house. I did not know he had fainted at the time, or he was unconscious," he added.

Edson continued, in the midst of his anger, brought Correa into his car. He held a knife there.

"I did not plan everything, I was very angry. I looked at the control panel and searched for what was inside," continued Edson.

Police believe that Edson killed Correa until his death and put his body in the trunk of the car and threw it.

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Police added, Edson then damaged Correa's vital organs after the man died again.

In addition to arresting a businessman, the police also arrested Cristina and her daughter Allan. Police suspect that they have persuaded several eyewitnesses to conceal the murder.

The police are still searching for three more people who helped Edson win Correa.

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