Tuesday , May 30 2023

Is Keto Diet Safe When It's Pregnant?


TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Keto diet It's pretty popular with many people to lose weight. This diet uses low-carbohydrate foods and increases the intake of fat such as animal proteins. The introduction of fat is what will replace the role of carbohydrates as a source of energy.

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So, can pregnant women make a keto diet or a bad idea for future mothers and their babies? Referring to the Women's Health page, diet during pregnancy is not recommended in any way, especially when consuming 300 additional calories each day, according to the American Association for Pregnancy.

Certified obstetricians at the Vinnie Palmer Hospital for Women and Babies in the United States say nutrition during pregnancy is crucial for a balanced diet. "You may avoid additives other than prenatal vitamins and avoid foods that contain a lot of sugar and fat," he said.

In the meantime, this lov-carbohydrate and high-fat diet really stimulates dieters to limit the multitude of fruits, as the sugar content is the same as carbohydrates. This remains in ketosis, the condition in which your body uses fuel for fuel rather than carbohydrates.

Illustration of a ketogenic child. shutterstock.com

Even so, there are no scientific data that prohibit or allow pregnant women to give a keto diet. "At this moment, little is known about effects on the developing fetus," said Greves. Always in ketosis is quite worrying, because ketosis is not a normal state of the body.

In addition to the keto diet in general, pregnancy It's usually not the right time to try to lose weight. "I would say wait and eat what we know is good for nine months of pregnancy," said Greves. If you need to lose weight after giving birth, start a diet and exercise.

But not all aspects of the keto diet are contagious with diet pregnancy He's healthy. For example, people usually reduce processed foods when ketocides are not a bad thing. In addition, you can also limit the amount of sweet food you eat, and you must eat plenty of healthy fruits and vegetables that can benefit from pregnancy.

"Try to eat healthier in general," said Greves. Then, after giving birth, there is no reason you can not get a keto diet. But remember that a diet may not be the best choice, because you need to breast feed. Of course, if you have questions about diet while you are pregnant, talk to your doctor.

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