Wednesday , February 8 2023

It was rumored that he would break up, Georgina sent a touching message to Ronaldo

[ad_1] – Reportedly about to break up, Georgina Rodriguez sent a touching message to her boyfriend, Cristiano Ronaldo.

Recently, the romantic relationship between Ronaldo and Georgina was hit by bad news, namely the blessing of the megastar’s mother, Maria Dolores.

Launching with Marca, Dolores thinks Georgina has a hidden motive, which is only after the treasure of the Manchester United megastar.

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The news immediately became a hot issue and led to speculation about Ronaldo’s breakup with the woman who gave him a daughter.

But as if they wanted to respond to the news circulating, the two birds in love actually showed a sweet interaction.

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Starting from the success of Ronaldo, who was named the player of the month of the Premier League 2021/2022 in September.

Upon his return to Manchester United, Ronaldo is believed to have shown a brilliant and fruitful performance in scoring the goals of his opponents.

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For this achievement, Ronaldo also expressed his gratitude to all the players in the Premier League and teammates in the Red Devils team through the settings on his Instagram.

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