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Jupiter’s FM radio signal really belongs to aliens? This is the truth

FM radio signal from Jupiter
Illustration of an FM radio signal from Jupiter. Photo:

NASA has detected an FM radio signal from Jupiter. Ganymede is Jupiter’s moon that broadcasts FM radio waves, and was caught by drones orbiting the largest planet in the solar system. The NASA ambassador said it was not from aliens.

FM radio signal from Jupiter

The Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has detected the presence of FM radio waves coming from Jupiter’s moon. The moon is called Ganymede.

The discovery of this radio signal is the first discovery in history. Then the question arises whether these radio signals come from aliens?

The launch of Vion, the signal that arrived from Ganymede did not belong to the aliens. The signal comes from a magnetic field electron.

The electromagnetic field leads to the rotation of the electron in it and the oscillations occur much more slowly than the previous speed of rotation.

Then it leads to the amplification of all radio waves, as well as electromagnetic waves. An FM radio signal from Jupiter was detected by a spaceship floating in space.

Not only that, these electrons also produce auroras in the ultraviolet spectrum.

“Electrons rotate in the magnetic field of the planet Jupiter. That causes the radio noise we heard, “said NASA.

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Ganymede magnetic field

An FM radio signal captured from Ganymede, the moon of the largest planet, provides other information about the conditions of that month. Like Earth, Ganymede has an iron core that is a liquid by creating a magnetic field.

It then forms aurora borealis emitting light that surrounds the area of ​​the North Pole, as well as the South Pole.

When the planet Jupiter rotates, the magnetic field will move and cause Ganymede’s aurora to sway.

Meanwhile, NASA, through the director of the Department of Planetary Sciences, Jim Green, said that the discovery of the FM radio signal from Jupiter was astonishing.

They finally developed a new approach. This aims to use body telescopes to more fully know the bodies of large planets in the solar system.

From this they know if Ganymede has a lot of water. 25 times more than the content of ocean water on the planet Earth. Even the depth of the ocean they estimate is very deep and reaches 800 kilometers.

Then the moon of the planet Jupiter becomes one of the five months in the solar system with hidden oceans or oceans. Then it lies at the bottom of the ice surface.

Other months that belong to the planet Jupiter are Europe, as well as Callisto, with gas content. While the other two months, Enceladus and Titan, orbit the planet Saturn.

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Facts about Ganymede as the largest moon in the solar system

Did you know that before the discovery of the FM radio signal from Jupiter, there were facts that Ganymede was one of the largest moons in our solar system?

It is one of Jupiter’s moons that was first discovered by Galileo Galilei. At first he thought there were four objects like stars that he finally realized were moons from Jupiter.

From this discovery that provides an understanding of whether the Earth is not the center of the solar system. Like other satellites, Ganymede also orbits Jupiter at a distance of 1.070 million kilometers. In one cycle, Ganymede needs 7 days of earth time.

However, if Jupiter does not exist, then Ganymede, which is the origin of the FM radio signal from Jupiter, will most likely be its own planet.

Because this satellite is the largest satellite with an area of ​​about 87 million kilometers with an average radius of 2,631.2 kilometers.

According to that size, Ganymede is much bigger than the planet Mercury and slightly smaller than Mars. There is another reason why Ganymede can be its own planet because it has a magnetic field.

Of course, that is what our Moon does not have. With this magnetic field, the NASA spacecraft captures FM radio signals from Jupiter. (R10 / HR online)

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